Kevs Stag

10:50 – were on our way to Twickenham for Kevs Stag Do – it’s the Middlesex Sevens so we’ll be seeing a large number of short games – should be an interesting day out. Will keep posted!

11:42 – we’ve made Twickenham trying to remember the rules of the game… You know what will help? A pint. That always helps.

12:00 – a pint didn’t help… 😉

13:17 – round 1 is now out of the way. On the knock out stages for the runners up. The sun is out and it’s all generally nice. Getting slightly better grip on the game too – but the beer is bloody expensive!

15:02 – forget the beer! The food is worse! Still the rugby seems to be going well and all is enjoyable. Semi-finals soon!

17:53 – it’s pissing it down and were getting to the final… this could be a damp trip home… 😦

21:03 – home now… Dominos is ordered and we’ve put on Coupling to watch! 😉

00:40 – First Project 365 photo is up! Watched a season of Coupling and now bed calls. More photos up tomorrow.

Alex out.


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