Turkey – Day 1

All times are Turkish local.

Well we arrived and got dropped off at our Villa about 4am…  The trouble was we were dropped off at part of a complex where all the buildings look the same and didn’t have any obvious directions as to where we were looking for…  The villa complex is lovely lots of white buildings and gentle staircases (its at the top of a very steep hill) which unforutnatly meant that at night (ie 4am) it seemed more like a surreal Escher painting than a nice place to spend a holiday – but we got sorted in the end!

12:56 –
Well after last nights adventures involving steep hills and Escher- like buildings we had a nice long sleep in followed byView from the Villa a trip to the pool – this was gorgeous hot outside and cool in the water. Nice.

Lack of food then forced a trip into the town to find out a) what there is to do, and b) find food – will update again later as were about to go.

18:35 –

Well we had a nice walk into town though the weather has got hotter and hotter… We arrived to a gorgeous beach scene – photos to come later – and we had an amble around before stopping for some lunch half if us treating this has breakfast and having traditional Turkish breakfast and the other half having steak sandwiches.

We then carried on into Guluk to see more sites and to try and fine the supermarket – we stocked up and then headed back up the hill to our villa – this wasn’t fun in the mid-afternoon heat with a very steep hill to climb up – this was exhausting but we had a resounding chorus of Bohemian Rhapsody which helped us get up there somewhat more easily. Naturally as soon as we’d unpacked we headed to the swimming pool and the cooling water this provides… We had fun there with some silly games and then chilled on the loungers before heading back to the villa for q quick rinse and a change – that done were now hiding out in the living room (it’s got air con!). Carolines reading, Dans playing Sims on his phone and Alison is looking on disapprovingly – so I will disappear and update again later with this evenings adventures.

The Beach at Gulluk

22:59 –

Shortly after the last update everyone got together to get dinner ready – we’d got some lamb and sausages at the local supermarket so BBQ’d them up and had a lovely dinner with an amazing sunset in the background – photos of this will be appearing online! We then washed up (were good!) and headed back to the pool – this time at night… Once again this was great fun chilling out together and I’ve also taken on a bit of a challenge. I’m going to try and do 20 lengths of the pool (13m) each day. Managed it this evening and then going to be up early tomorrow to do the same before the heat hits…

Right now it’s time for cards so I’m going to sign off for the night. Night all.



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