Turkey – En route

Well as I write this we’re somewhere in the air over Europe(?). We took off at 11pm and it’s a 3/4 hour flight so as it’s 1:45am hopefully well be starting to descend soon…

Managed to get to Gatwick with plenty of time and then had a nice dinner with the gang. Got ourselves. checked in and chilled a bit more (Which for some reason included mocking a poem I wrote earlier this year…)

It’s not exactly been an exciting flight… Tried to have a bot of a sleep but got woken up after having my elbow bashed several times… Spent some time playing games and then I thought I’d do a quick blog entry. Not very exciting but hopefully when we get to Turkey should have some mode to write about! 😉

Alex out.

Ps – managed to get the project 365 photo done for day 7 just gonna be a while till it goes up… Well a while for me -probably about the same time as you see this for you…

Pps writing blog entries at 1:50 does lead to me writing a load of nonsense doesn’t it?!

Ppps – it’s 2:30 uk time and we’ve arrived! Woo!

Pppps – it’s now 6 am Turkish time and it’s time for a nap… It’s getting hot and sticky 😦 and where were staying is a bit like an Escher painting but we’re here and it’s got air con. So all is cool! 😉


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