Turkey – Day 2

13:05 –

We specifically got an early start this morning so that we could get down to the supermarket before the heat of the day started to hit – the mistake we made yesterday… – it’s was a nice walk down where we grabbed some essential supplies and headed back – carrying 8 litres of water wasn’t fun though!

Once back we unpacked and headed back to the pool for another 20 lengths – my arms ached but it felt good to get it done. It was then back to the villa where those who hadn’t come to the shops had got breakfast made up. We had a nice big breakfast and then played cards for a couple of hours till the breeze got in the way a bit too much. Due to it being midday we thought we’d stay in and went for a bit of a nap with the plan to go out later tonight back to the town. Will update about that later…

15:48 –
So we’ve headed into town and have pulled up at a local called Joes Bar. This is supposed to the hub of all that’s going on and is a hub for tourists. It’s got football shirts all over the walls and big wooden benches – doesn’t seem very Turkish. The plan is to chill here a bit – nothing to do with the footie on the telly and then head out for dinner.

So we chilled at the bar before heading out for dinner at a local restaraunt that had been recommended by previous visitors in the Villa guestbook.  I personally found this a bit disappointing as the food was very European and just not that exciting… but still you’ll win some and lose some and this was a fantasic rooftop bar so we had an amazing view of the sunset.  We then returned to the Joe’s bar for a couple more drinks before returning home for a midnight dip in the pool – great fun!

Rooftop Sunset

Rooftop Dinner

Joes Bar

Joes Bar


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