Turkey – Day 3

Bodrum Bazaar

9:33 –

Well dinner last night was lovely – eating on a rooftop bar area overlooking the harbour/bay with a second gorgeous sunset going on into background (yes there are photos!). Quote of the day came from Laura with “It’s hard to sound scary when your hiccuping…” – good times. Dinner was followed by a return to the pub and then another quick trip to the supermarket to get water supplies whilst it was cooler.

Were heading into Bodrum today by a Domus (kind of bus) so gotta go or well miss it! More later!

14:36 – so we made Bodrum via the Dumous – this is a minibus type thing that functions as a bus service between Guluck where were staying and Bodrum ( as well as other places in Turkey). It was a half hour journey and on this we went past some most amazing sea views – the water here is the most amazing shade of blue!

Lunch On The Sea

When we arrived in Bodrum we went and had a look around to see what we could see – had a look around the Marina and then headed into the Bazaar – this was great fun doing a bit of shopping which naturally involved haggling with the shop keepers to get the best deals… Tom, Cliff and I feel behind from the others with our haggling and when we’d caught up we’d found the others had settled into an ice cream bar facing into the sea – this was amazing and gorgeous ice cream. We then carried on exploring the bar before heading back for lunch. Once again we end up on the sea front eating at an amazing restaurant with gorgeous food – the best meatballs I’ve tested… ;). Not sure which was better – the view or the food!

We then headed back into the bazaar and are planning to visit a gate to do with

Guys In Their Hats

Alexander the Great – more info later…

17:06 –
Well the half hour walk to the Alexander gate in the extreme heat put us off slightly but we still had fun – first of all with Dan completely failing to haggle when it came to buying a sunhat – I’d got one before lunch for 5 Turkish Lire (about £2.50)… Dan found the same hat for 75 Turkish Lire. To be fair he got them to 25 but still not the best deal leading to much mocking. We then went into a food shop which was a bit more fun with the assistant chatting up Caroline, and Cliff and him getting into a huge haggling session. Dan and Ali both got a new pair of shoes and I think they both ink they did ok put of it… We then hit the Tourist information office to find out the distant to the Alexander Gate and decided it wasn’t worth it so we went for drinks on the

Kebab Time

harbour instead and then back to the Domus station – getting a doner kebab on the way – this was much nicer than the English ones with a nice mix of roast lamb and veg. Well it’s time to find our domus so once again will update later.

23:11 –

Nothing really that exciting to report I’m afraid. We got back, dived to the supermarket and then hit to pool again. I’ve been really pushing my endurance swimming so managed 61 lengths – nice. Though this has left we with very sore thighs and walking like Ken out of Toy Story 3… Then again it did feel wonderful when I was done and I felt I could so another 20. The pool was gorgeous at night with only the sounds of the countryside and the odd bat flying overhead. A lovely way to spend an evening… Were planning to hit the beach tomorrow so should be a fun day – but as for now goodnight!


Update – Dan later admitted that he’d paid 40 lira for his hat…


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