Turkey – Day 4

Domus To Bodrum

I must admit that I am cheating somewhat and actually writing this on day 5…

Yesterday was quite a nice day – we had a long lie-in in the morning postponing our plans to hit the beach till Friday. Naturally when up we hit the pool for a bit after brunch and then after the heat had died down again we took a Domus into Bodrum again.

In Bodrum we went and had a look round Bodrum castle – which while in someways being smaller than a standard UK castle was also bigger which made it a very interesting place to have a wander – it also offered some amazing views. We also took up an opportunity to arrange an outing for Day 5 but more on that later…

Kebab Preparation

After the castle we decided to split up to allow the couples of our group (Cliff/Tom, Dan/Ali) to go and have some private time, we stopped at some stalls and tried some haggling to give them a chance to get away and then headed back into Bodrum Bazaar. We tried a couple of different places and then settled onto a nice restaurant looking over the bay again. 10 minutes later I get a text from Dan saying “we can see you!” – we turn around to see Dan and Ali sitting at a table behind us… We wave and go back to dinner. 15 minutes later as were getting our food we get another text – Cliff and Tom have turned up at the same restaurant too… Surely this is something that only happens in a bad sitcom? 😉

Well we had a nice dinner – it wasn’t as nice as yesterdays but still good, then did a bit of bartering, got a quick drink, and headed back to a midnight swim/early night – we needed it!

Bodrum Castle by Night

Harbour View

Bodrum Castle


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