Turkey – Day 5


6:05 –

Were going to Ephesus today. Need to get Domus at 7 to meet our coach… Lovely sunrise but not with it yet. Will keep updatzzzzzzzzzz

7:20 – at bus stop for coach. Due here at half past. Slightly more awake. Had nice cheese/ham roll for breakkie… Now were bus spotting 😉

7:31 –

Should add that the bus stop is in the middle of nowhere…

7:33 –

Epehesus Parliment

In other news we just saw a

cloud… First time so far…

7:55 –

After various buses that looked like ours but weren’t… We’re on our way to Ephesus! In other news – woken up now! 😉

8:05 –
We just passed an outdoor thermometer… It’s 26 degrees outside… Already!

8:58 – we’ve arrived at a cafe on the way to Ephesus where it’s time for a breakfast break. The views again are stunning and the Turkish Coffee strong – nice! Though the chaps face when I didn’t ask for sugar was a picture 😉

11:24 –

We’ve arrived at Ephesus – it’s crazy busy 😦

16:02 –

The Group in Ephesus

Wow! Ephesus was hot! Very hot! On the coach we were told it was 36-40 degree in the shade…

It was nice to have a wander around but I wouldn’t want to stay there too long – we found ourselves pouring water over our heads in the effort to stay cool.

We then went onto a lunch that wasn’t that great – they seemed to have gone for cheaper ingredients and the taste reflected this 😦

After lunch it was a bit of strange one we got taken off to a jewellery factory this was expensive hot and we appeared to be politely moved on very quickly when they found we had no money! 😉

Ephesus Library

Then It’s back to Gullick

10:26 (the next day) –

So we go ourselves back and picked up some extra pieces for the supermarket. Back to the villa for a swim and then another BBQ. Before back to the quayside for some more beers at Joes Bar.

Onto tomorrows/today’s post now…

Ephesus Theatre


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