Turkey – Day 6

Mehmet - Our Captain

10:27 –

We’ve just arrived at our trip for today. Were going on a boat trip round the bays near Gulluck. We’ve got onto the boat after a slightly rushed start and are waiting to get on the go… It’s hot but should be a fun day 😉

13:25 –

Well were sitting in a lovely cove just having had a nice lunch. We’ve been for a swim in the sea which was gorgeous and also had a bit of a dance on the boat – much to the amusement of the other passengers 😉 we’ve been having great

fun with the boat captain coming out to the front of the boat for Titanic style

Sea Swimming

photos – he’s fantastic fun and despite our lack of Turkish and his lack of

English we have all been having great fun.

Were currently just chilling – enjoying the view and letting dinner settle and I

think well be shortly heading onto a new cove/beach so basically more fun more swimming and more great times! 😉

15:57 –

Well we went on to a new bay and then came round the corner to yet another gorgeous bay – the water is a bright blue and there’s a gentle breeze. We’ve been given some tea and biscuits and it’s just a gorgeous way to spend the


afternoon. Really wish there was a hammock to chill in but as there isn’t one guess well have to lie in the sea instead… The hardships! 😉

11:11 (the next day…) –

So after our tea on the boat trip we got dropped off at one more beach – this one was famous for it’s mud baths so everyone got covered in rather smelly sand and then got a good exfoliate for the bargain – this was really lovely as the people on the boat brought out a tray of melon into the middle of the sea so we sat there and enjoyed that I. The warm waters of the Aegean it was a nice way to spend the day but unfortunately was our last stop as we had to head back to Gulluck. The ride home was still fun though with everyone having a bit of a dance and us teaching the captain how to do the

Cap'n Laura

Hokey-Cokey – which he tried with great enthusiasm!

Once back on shore we dried off a bit and headed for dinner at the same place we went when we first came here – this was nice as was able to try something called the Amphoelra Kebab (another restaurant we went to described it as a suprise). This came out in a large clay pot in the middle of a flaming tray, the pot was then smashed open and a lovely stew was served from inside – well worth having!

We then returned to Joes for our last night – enjoying more beers on the quayside before one last midnight dip. It’s going to be a shame to leave this place. 😦

Shadows on the Boat

Gulluk Sunset

Amphora Kebab


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