Ok – you may or may nor know his but have been away in Turkey for the last week – having moved the blog to WordPress I’m now able to use the App on my phone to write entries offline for uploading later – so I’ve done a daily blog just to give an idea of what we got up too – they’re likely to be a bit rough and ready but I’m going to try and share some photos/gps data with them to give a better idea so they should be appearing in the next couple of days and I hope you enjoy them.

I think it would be unfair to go without mentioning the website of the Villa we stayed in – At times I was unsure about whether going to Turkey was a good idea but we went had an utterly FANTASTIC time and I think a return is certainly on the cards. If you too want to have a look at renting this villa try the website: www.villarose.info

Alex out. (for now)


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