Quiet Tragedy

You may or may not know that Pixar is one of my favourite film studios.  One of the curses/advantages of animated films is that they have to be planned several years in advance – so you know what Pixar is going to be releasing for up to the next 4 years before you’ve seen that years release…

I think it was last year I read about a film that Pixar were planning called Newt – it was about the last two Newts of one species in existence – one male, and one female, and revolved around what happens when they get thrown together by kindly scientists trying to keep the species alive…

Sadly this film isn’t in production any more – which is a real shame as it does sound such a fantastic concept it was one I was looking forward to (yes 4 years in advance!).  The side effect of this is that they’ve put some of the concept artwork prepared for the film up on Facebook and it just shows how lovely the film was going look – whilst giving you an idea of some of the early stages of work.  I don’t know why the film was cancelled and I really wish it hadn’t been but its nice to have a look and see what could’ve been and possibly fill in some story gaps yourself.

If you want a look the pictures are here:

The Concept Logo for Pixars Newt


One thought on “Quiet Tragedy

  1. I think it would have taken quite a bit a skilful writing to make it something other than a film about two newts mating, but of course skilful writing is something that Pixar are very good at. Unfortunately, we’ll never know.

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