And That Is The Week That Was…

The aim of this is to share everything that’s going on that doesn’t come under the other headings. Can’t guarantee it’ll be interesting – but it will be true! (unless otherwise stated…)

Monday was spent further recovering from the weekend and the holiday – spent the day doing washing, cleaning etc, dived out to Morrisons to grab some supplies, and then Michael came over in the evening for a bit of a chill – we only really watched TV and then at the end of the evening when he’d gone I put in the film In Search Of A Midnight Kiss – this was recommended to me by John and I tell you truthfully now I’m still not sure what I make of it! Obviously need to rewatch it to get a better idea…

Tuesday was a welcome extra day off before returning back to the office. I had a nice lunchtime walk over to Michaels from which we headed out to get lunch and then go to the cinema to see Scott Pilgrim (my thoughts on which are here). After that it was home via Asda to do a quick bit of shopping before a walk home and a chilled evening and early night before back to work the next day.

Wednesday was the dreaded day – back to work. Waded through around 200 emails first thing in the morning, but it was nice to catch up with the guys from the office. I was then on the Duty desk that afternoon which is never exciting… After work I dived home to grab some food before heading down to Ashford to call in at Johns for a cup of tea before back to the cinema to see Scott Pilgrim with the work guys – just as good on second viewing – in fact I think it might have gained some additional levels… 😉

Thursday was back to work on the late shift… Still it’s doing installs so wasn’t too bad after work I dived home to get changed before diving out again to go over to the parents – they’d just got back from Italy so met up the exchange stories and goodies meaning I’ve now gained a nice supply of Italian sweets and wines – nice! It was quite nice as everyone was around including my brother so we all had a good family dinner.

Back to work again where I managed to make a boob of myself – we have a staff reward scheme which includes discount book vouchers – so I thought it treat myself to one for buying the latest Pratchett – I ordered it, all was good, until I realised this wasn’t an e-print out on the spot voucher, but one that got posted… Doh! I dived out at lunch and got the book anyway (needed something to read this weekend… – thoughts here) meaning I had a nice chilled evening reading and catching up with the last two episodes of Persons Unknown (you can find my thoughts here…).

Managed to over-sleep somewhat on Saturday so leapt up a bit later than expected and got to work mowing the lawn. I hate this job but managed to get it done in a reasonable amount of time… I then had a bit more time with me book and dived over to my parents to join them for a Chinese with my Gran and sister…

On Sunday my parents were supposed to be driving my Gran over Dover to stay at my aunts for a week – unfortunately my mum was ill, which meant I took her place – this lead to a nice Sunday lunch of cold meats and a free day out, before home to finish the book and get ready the new week of work.

And that was the week that was…


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