Legally Blonde – The Musical

Legally Blonde the MuscialYou may or may not know (I seem to start a large number of my reviews off with that sentence) but I’m a really big fan of the films Legally Blonde 1 & 2. I know I shouldn’t find these entertaining in the slightest but I do. Live with it. So it was with great delight I headed into London this evening with my sister to go and see Legally Blonde the Musical.

All in all it was fantastic – all big and silly, just like the films but still carrying the great message of by being yourself you can do anything, and it preserves the clever court case from the end of the film (though if you’ve seen the film the twist remains the same). Add into this a fun energetic cast and some catchy songs and you’ve got yourself a great evenings entertainment.

We were sat right at the top of the theatre were leg room is about the size of your feet – normally I hate sitting up there due to having longish legs you really start to feel the cramp – however I was able to sit through the whole show barely noticing the time go it was so much fun.

Unfortunately we went in a week when Sheridan Smith had a week off from playing the lead so had Amy Lennox playing the main character instead – she played Elle in exactly the way she needed to be, to make a character that is very easily dislikable, likeable; and Peter Davidson was practically unrecognisable as the slimy law professor. Jill Halfpenny was also standout playing Paulette, Elle’s Beauty Salon friend, who provides a shoulder to lean on with good advice alongside.

While the plot and set-pieces have been (understandably in my opinion) simplified from that of the film, the plot remains the same and the scenes tend to be cunningly adapted for the stage with some unexpected musical numbers adding a great twist to a scene (for example the song “Is he gay or European? If you’ve seen the film you’ll know where this comes!). The set is simply constructed but effective providing many locations with a very simple basis using lighting and an illuminated border very effectively for the different locations with the story.

Overall we both came out having really enjoyed the show with big grins on our faces – strongly recommended.


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