And That Is The Week That Was…

Monday was a quiet day – back to work, followed by a trip to the shops (all terribly exciting). Then chilled with Michael in the evening. Did amuse me when I dropped “I Shall Wear Midnight” to the person who I’d promise to lend it too by Monday lunchtime… They weren’t expecting it then but got it… 😉

Tuesday was a day when nothing much really happened. Went to work, came home, and chilled. Not sure what else to add…

Wednesday, once again I headed to work and then straight from work I headed to the cinema with Shaun to see “Dinner For Schmucks” – I already reviewed this here, and after that we dived over to McDonalds for a quick dinner and a really nice chat.

Once again it was straight out of work to head out though this time it was to go and see Legally Blonde the musical (which I reviewed here). The journey back was a bit of a killer – we missed the first train, meaning we had to hang around at Charing Cross station waiting half an hour for the next train… This was the stopper, stopping at every station between London and Home, meaning that we only got into the station around midnight. Headed home dropping my sister (and brother who we’d picked up on the way) home at my parents before back to bed.

Friday was frustrating. We had a Major Incident at work which meant that the our team meeting in the afternoon got cancelled – this is annoying as it was just getting to the interesting parts when it got closed down but should be happening again next week at somepoint.

After work Michael joined me for dinner so I made some cheese, chicken and bacon puffs with Roast potatoes and sat him down to watch Legally Blonde as he’s never actually seen the film. From the snorts of laughter I think it’s safe to say he was enjoying himself. Then again it is a great film!

It was my cousins 18th birthday in the week so we headed out to Dover for his party today. It was nice to get the family together and have a very football themed day with a running competition between 4 teams including a penalty shoot-out (I actually managed to score!), team mascots and anagrams, a treasure hunt for football buts and bobs, and a fussball tournament. Everyone had been asked to turn up wearing football shirts which gave it an extra level of fun – especially seeing my grandma in a silly England wig! As my sisters working nights at the moment we came away quite early and on getting home I gave a series called Better Off Ted ago which had been recommended to me by Matt – this is very funny and you’re bound to hear more about that in a post in the near future… 😉 – Update: As promised its here

I’ll be honest, Sundays been a really lazy day. Got on with the usual, catching up with chores etc, I did the washing, a bit of cleaning, caught up with Merlin and then finished the first season of Better Off Ted and followed this up with a bit of Fraiser. Did the bins, made lunch for Monday and headed off to bed. Still was nice to have a quieter day…

And that is the week that was.


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