Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted Logo(I promised it… It’s here!)

Better off Ted is a sit-com which was recommended to me by my friend Matt. The titular character is in charge of Research and Development for a mega-cooperation named Viridian which at times seems to have some interesting moral choices – but these are all made over Teds Bosses head so the show doesn’t focus on the decisions but sometimes the outlandish inventions the team are required to come up with (for example weaponising a pumpkin…).

The main characters make an extraordinary family from Ted the chap that everyone seems to like and get on with, to the neurotic scientists who create the inventions, the product tester who hates the company that she works for, Teds 8 year old daughter who will challenge him as a conscience at times, or Teds boss who I really can’t think of the words to describe… Each episode focusses on a different office crisis – and having worked in an office for the past 2 years or so – the situations they end up in still appear believable in a strange way…

Also in every episode there is an infomercial advertising the company they are all working for and these are absolutely genius – pulling together stock footage with a very deadpan narration advertising how great the company is. I really cannot adequately describe these but the humour reminded me of the lines by GlaDoS in Portal if you’ve played that game…

This probably isn’t the best review of the show as I’m just finding it quite hard to describe – it’s not a laugh out loud show but it did keep me consistently chuckling and I can’t wait to see the second series. If you can find this then I strongly recommend that you give this a go… 😉


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