Well that was a very strange film… The trailers implied a kind of comedy whereas I’d lump this more in as a drama rather than comedy. It’s played very straight and very natural – in my opinion it felt more like a indie film than a big main-stream release.

The story carries strong Oedipal tones with what could possibly be described as a somewhat strange relationship between the titular character and his mother. I did sympathise with the character John (played by John C Reily) who meets a woman he falls for but has a rather strange son… He plays this in a very believable and straight way… Though I must admit that I did wonder about Marisa Tomei’s performance of Cyrus’ mother – it seem to be implied that she knew more than she let on, but then later in the film seemed surprised… Maybe it’s just me…

Overall I enjoyed the film but I really don’t think it’s that good a cinema film – you wouldn’t lose anything seeing this on DVD… I found that I got a bit restless at times and you could feel the films length but the end of the film felt believable and finished on a nice positive note…


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