And That Was The Week That Was…


Well work was it’s usual self – nothing really exciting to report there… It was a busy day but we managed. Go us. I had a nice wander round town with Shaun at lunch so it wasn’t all too bad, then came home, watched some Better Off Ted and headed out to Asda calling in to see Michael on the way. Raced round Asda and came back to watch some of the Portal 2 co-op videos, and then sort out today’s Project 365 photo (a slightly more complicated one). Then it was bed for work tomorrow.

So Tuesday, another long day at work. The problem is I’m on the install shift and there’s not really enough work for one engineer to do let alone two… Still it was a busier start to the day which meant the morning went quickly… The after work I dived home to get changed (and as it turns out, conk out for half an hour) before heading back into town to meet with Keith and Ben (some very old friends from school) – we had a good catch-up over Wetherspoons steak, catching up on life, tv and film; it was a nice evening which was followed with an early night…

I was covering lates today, as Luke covered me for latex last week when I went to see Legally Blonde. This was nice as I left the alarm at the normal time I would for earlies so gave me an extra half hour chilling at home, meaning I was able to finish my book before heading out to work. Work was slow with the only appointments in the morning so I was picking up some faults too – quite a few excel calls were being over looked so I picked those up and encountered one of the worst spreadsheets I’ve ever encountered… It was littered with circular references Whig needed to be corrected, and the customer really doesn’t seem to understand the SUM command (used to add multiple cells together) putting large numbers of formula into a non-required SUM command. It’s going to be q fun call when I speak to them…

After work it was straight out to Rochester where I was meeting Shaun to see the film Cyrus (more info on that film here…)

Hmmm it looks like I accidentally published there – that wasn’t intended… Please ignore!

So after the film we dived out to McDonalds for a drink and then home, bed…

Today was a really long day at work. It was a long slog just due to there being nothing to do… Managed to pick up a couple of faults and we had a nice morning with a couple of installs but the afternoon hit into a bit of a drag… We did have a very nice lunch out at Burger King with John, Shaun, Chris, Luke and Nick. Then headed home to find that Michael was able to come over as planned so spent my evening watching Better Off Ted (which is what I’d been planning to do with Michael anyway…) before another daly night – isn’t life exciting?

Well it was another quiet day at work… It wasn’t as quiet as other days this week but it was still a long day.

After work I headed home to pack quickly before heading to the train station for a weekend in Colchester. The train from Chatham to Stratford was good – the normal quick trip and then change. Unfortunately from Stratford to Colchester things were a bit more tightly packed – I think I caught the end of the commuter traffic… Still things eased up when we got to Chelmsford and a large number of the commuters got off… When I reached Colchester it was another bit of a wait to get the next train from Colchester to Colchester Town from there though it was an easy walk to Toms house…

On arrival Tom and Cliff had prepared a lovely pasta bake which we enjoyed before heading to the local pub for a quick chat before heading back to Toms and bed.


Jumpers Wanted

Saturday was a nice day. We kicked it off by having some bacon sarnies with Tom and Cliff, then I headed into town to meet up with Heather. We popped into Cafe Rogue for a drink and then decided to get some chips and take them to castle park. This was possibly one of the best off-the-cuff decisions I’ve made. Turns out in castle park there was a free festival going on with bands and stalls and all sorts. It made a nice place even nicer (and a great place to eat some chips!). After eating and trying to feed the ducks (they weren’t that interested in what we had to offer…) we had an amble round the park enjoying to stalls and plinking down to listen to an irishy band with some cocktails. We then got involved with this very lively art troupe who told us the results should be on YouTube – will link when I find it there! 😉 we then headed back to Heathers new flat for some tea and Father Ted which developed into one of our deep spiritual conversations. This was really amazing leaving me slightly stunned by the end of it – but really worth having. Then I headed back to Toms to prepare for going out for Dans birthday – he had no idea what we’d planned which is always fun! 😉

When I got back to Toms I discovered it was still just me as Tom and Cliff weren’t back from work etc. So I sat around and watched a bit of the sky remake of gladiators (wasn’t very impressed), Cliff came back and we discovered a shared love for Merlin (more on that to come later when the series has started properly…) and tried to kill the time till that started getting birthday bits ready for Dan – though this did lead to a mad chase to the local co-op 10 minutes before Merlin started to try and find some lipstick… (you really don’t want to know!).

We watched Merlin and then headed out to meet Dan and Ali at the Castle pub

Blinded Dan

under the excuse that we were going toorder our curry, have a quick drink and then pick the curries up on our way back to Toms… However once we got there we blindfolded Dan and took him on a short walk around Colchester (being mobbed by some locals at one point, and getting him to stand with the Clowns clown much to the amusement of the people in the restaurant) before finally un-blindfolding him outside of the recent re-opened Copacabana, much to his extreme delight. If you’ve never been Copacabana is a Brazilian BBQ restaurant which is all you can eat, with absolutely gorgeous grilled meat. We settled down and enjoyed a very big, filling dinner with Mexican cocktails.

After dinner we headed back to Toms for a couple of Whiskeys and to watch the film Gremlins – I’d forgotten what a strange kind of film this is – when if was first released it was treated as a bit more of a horror, nowadays it still has a 15 certificate but is more of a black comedy – if you’ve not seen it I’d recommend it – it’s good viewing, if rather daft at points…


Squirrel in the Castle Park

Sunday was a slightly earlier start than I would’ve preferred seeing as we didn’t get to bed till 1ish (too much time sitting around talking with Dan and Ali…). Unfortunately due to peops needing to be up early for work we were all dragged up earlyish – still they say the early bird catches the worm! 😉 Managed to sit up and have a nice chat with Dan and Ali before they had to head off to get their train (they apparently had to be back in Norwich before the football started…) and I just did a bit of tidying back at Toms (don’t like leaving a pile of washing up when someone has been kind enough to let you stay over for the weekend!). Then I started to head out to the station calling in at the Phil(l)s for a cup of tea before walking through castle park enjoying the summers day watching the squirrels dart around etc.  Unfortunately when they were really close I was only able to use the camera on my phone, so they’re not the best photos – did try and get a couple with my other camera but I don’t think that they’re nearly so good…  Anyhoo, I got to the station, grabbed a bit to eat and hopped on the train back. The journey seemed to go ok and was just a long one – with a nice walk from Rochester to Chatham as I couldn’t be bothered to wait for a rail replacement bus. Got in, got unpacked, got some food and watched some episodes of a show my friend Shaun recommended called The Inbetweeners. It’s a comedy based around a bunch of sixth formers going through the stages of growing up and life lessons. Its pretty amusing and it might get reviewed in more depth here later…

The rest of the evening was spent doing the normal Sunday evening bits, sorting out the bins/recycling, getting lunch ready for Mondays work, etc, etc…  Then popped upstairs to upload the Project 365 photos and to check out the new website my friend Shaun has created for his band – Left of the Right Side – you can have a listen to some of the songs up there – I don’t want to say too much as I’ll probably review when he lets me hear the whole album but I’m impressed – Id say is certainly worth a listen!

Then it was time for bed.

And that is the week that was.


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