The Other Guys

So me and Shaun headed out to see Will Ferrell’s new film – The Other Guys. The film is an action comedy set in New York city revolving around two cops who long to achieve the same level of acclaim the top cops of the department have (very ably played by Samuel L Jackson, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson). When something (I don’t want to give this away…) happens to the two top cops the “other guys” see their opportunity to step up and they find that a seeming innocuous case is the tip of the iceberg on one of the biggest crimes New York has seen.

I personally really enjoyed this film – its very, very funny (getting well over the 5 laugh benchmark for a comedy) – I came out of the cinema with a bit of a back ache I’d been laughing so hard – and it seems that the cast was having fun in making this. Jokes are thrown at the screen, fast and furious and while occasionally these were more cultural references that were slightly more obscure to the non-American audience member they were given enough context so that you’d be able to follow them, get a good idea of why the joke was funny.

The casting was good – with Will Ferrell being able to play a character type he’s good at, and Mark Walberg seemed to be playing a pastiche of himself from other films with great relish. Steve Coogan playing the dodgy banker has a nice level of slime to him, and Eva Mendes was fantastic in her role as Will Ferrell wife.

All in all, I did really enjoy this film and would recommend looking it up. As we were leaving the cinema, I was talking with Shaun and told him, that to me, it felt like an American take on Hot Fuzz, he seemed to agree with this – while the stories may be different the humours are very much the same.


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