And That Was The Week That Was…

So a new week begins. It started fairly gently – I was covering the Duty shift at work, followed by our delayed team meeting. The trip home was nice and quick with a side tour to Morrisons to get some petrol. Then back home where it was a bit of a chill time before watching Fraiser and then Michael came over to watch some Better Off Ted… We had fun watching these and then I dropped him home, drove back to mine, got a call to say that he had left his bag in my car (the twit!), drove back to his, dropped off his bag, drove back to mine and it was time for bed.

Well work was it’s usual joyous self – nothing that interesting going on to report I’m afraid. I came home from work watched a bit of TV, dived out to Morrisons for some supplies then headed upstairs to read for a bit, then bed. Terribly exciting day eh? 😉

I tried a bit of a different start this morning – I got up sligthly earlier and went for a jog, care-of WiiFit. I found it gave me a good start to the morning – and while it may not happen every day I’m going to try and keep it up – I did feel good for it! After that it wasn’t the best day for work – I spent most of the day looking into one problem, which in the end it turned out I didn’t have the access levels to solve – fortuantly I have a friend working in a team which did, and by pulling together we got the problem sorted out (thanks Shaun!). After work I headed home, watched a new sitcom called “Running Wilde” – more on this in the new TV post when that appears – and then headed out to meet Shaun at the cinema to see “The Other Guys” – more on that here. Then it was home and bed.

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday. Another long day at work then a trip to the parents to help my sister buy a new laptop and then home/sleep. Nothing worth writing home about really…

Friday was a bit of an exercise in making a twit of myself… Headed to work as normal and then headed out into town for lunch with John. We decided to have a quick look in game when John picked up a game to have a look at the box. As he removed this from the shelf the one behind it fell off. As he was reading the back of the box he’d picked up, I bent down to pick the box up off the floor, grabbed it, and stood up with my bag catching a different shelf… This lead to a horrible slow motion moment watching the end of the shelf come off, the boxes slide off onto the floor followed by the rest of the shelf (much to the amusement of everyone else in the shop…) all very embarrassing… We left as quickly as we could!

The afternoon was a quiet one again, then headed home with Chris and out pretty much straight away to Michaels for pizza before heading into Chatham to see Ross Noble at the Central Theatre. The show was great fun – I’ve never been so entertained by someone saying “Spoon…. No Spoon….. Spoon….” for 10 minutes. I laughed so much it hurt, and much to be delight/embarrasment he decided to read out the note I’d left on the stage with a spare Wall-E asking for a photo with him. Fortunatly he was able to turn it into a bit of a joke for the show (I wasn’t the only one to have left stuff up the front) and called me and idiot for doing the project. Unfortunatly we weren’t able to do anything mid-show but afterwards we hung around the stage door and were able to get a picture with him (look here!) – I’m really chuffed with this as it means that the Wall-E seen in ALL the Project 365 photos featuring Wall-E so far is the same one (I had a quick look – there’s a couple with only Galaxy 4), and I’ve not had to cheat at any and use a different model – I just hope I can keep this up for the whole year!

After the show had finished, and we’d left the stage door, we got a taxi home and then pretty much immediatly went to bed.

On Saturday I got a bit of an early start as John, Chris, Shaun, Luke, Matt & Michael were all coming over later in the day for a game of Battlestar (a boardgame based on Battlestar Galactica which we shorten to Battlestar). I dived out and grabbed some fizzy drinks from the local Morrisons before heading back and watching Ninja Warrior and Takeshis castle with Chris whilst having some bacon sarnies. Then as everyone else arrived we setup the table and had a quick attempt at a game of Mag Blast – which is a new game that I’d got that day – it seems that it’s got a good concept, but people weren’t really focussing on how to play it so we didn’t get that far into it only playing one round. We then setup Battlestar and got into a good game of this – if you’ve not heard of this game it’s a very tense co-operative board game. The only problem is that you have people playing the game who may or may not be working against you – you just don’t know who they are until its too late and they choose to reveal themselves. It’s great fun – though can go on for a long time – we started at 2ish and finished around 7:30 with a classicly tight finish but the humans were against the ropes and the cards weren’t in our favour so unfortunatly it was a losing game – still you can’t win everything and maybe the next time the tables will turn….

I then chilled with Shaun and Michael for a bit, getting a bit of Pizza for dinner and watching some episodes of Better Off Ted. AFter we’d eaten, I dropped Michael back, gave Shaun a caffine boost (he was falling asleep in the chair) before sending him home, and diving into a new book called Temeraire – I’m enjoying this greatly and there will be a review coming when I finish it – so watch out! After reading a couple of chapters it was time for bed.

Sunday started off being a chilled peaceful day. I was able to catch up with some tv and was due to meet up with my sister to go to the cinema. Then I got a text from her saying she had found a mouse in the living room. So I headed over to my parents to pick her up early. A quick hunt in the corner where this mouse was supposed to be yielded nothing, though as I was leaving I caught sight of a small mouse the size of my thumb – it wasn’t there long though… I set up a rudimentary trap using a plank and a bucket to try and catch the mouse whilst trying to contact my parents who were on their way back from Norfolk. They arrived and we explained what was going on… They insisted on ransacking their own living room before we were allowed to leave but still no mouse.

So me and my sister went to the cinema to see Toy Story 3 – review coming soon – and then headed home. I called in to find that the mouse hadn’t been seen – personally I think it’s done a runner – and then headed home for a quick couple of phone calls and then bed.

And that is the week that was.

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