Back To The Future – 25th Anniversary Edition

Tonight I headed to my local cinema with Shaun to see the Re-release of Back To The Future. This was an especially big night as despite frequent repeats and opportunities Shaun had never actually seen the film before. Given it’s a bit of a classic I thought it would be interesting to do some reviewing here before and after the film to see what he makes of a film which to my age group is a childhood classic (Shauns only 21 so he has a slight excuse…)… Unfortunately the film was scheduled to start 10 mins earlier than we expected so we arrived at the cinema and headed straight into the screening. This left us to only have a bit of a natter over the adverts before the film started proper where insas able to confirm that Zhaun didn’t really have any idea what were going to see, but that 88mph had something to do with time travel.

The film itself has been fantastically adapted – with the picture looking crisp and clear, pulling you into the story and giving a roller coaster ride. When I first watched Monsters Inc on Blu-ray it felt like I was watching that film for the first time again, and it felt the same way with Back to the Future. The film made me laugh, thrilled me, and occasionally when I glanced sideways I could see that it was doing the same with Shaun. I was clenching my hands through the big climax at the end – despite knowing what was going to happen and had to fight the urge to sing along when the main theme swelled up. As the film finished I had a huge grin on my face and was fighting the urge to clap – which I think gives it something of a success mark. But what did Shaun make of it? After the film we both walked round to the local McDonalds for a quick drink before heading home, and we were both raving about the film – it just brought up this wonderful happy feeling that’s impossible to describe. The general verdict was that you need to see this film on the big screen – along with the question of can we come back tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “Back To The Future – 25th Anniversary Edition

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