The Truman Show

So me and my sister sat down last night to watch the Truman show a really remarkable film where the themes and ideas still seem relevant (and not that far from happening today). Yeah some of the technology now appears dated (colossal TVs and headsets) but beyond there the film has this wonderful timeless quality to it. The acting is completely spot on with Jim Carey shining playing a role that makes use of his manic nature we’ve seen in many of his films tempered with a strong understated more serious role as well. The rest of the cast support him well – allowing you to believe in the world that has been created for the titular character. I though Ed Harris particularly shone as the shows creator – Christophe. He plays the role the exact mix of genius/mad-man and obviously seems to care not only for his work on the show but the man who makes it all possible too.

Overall The Truman Show is a film with alot going for it and seemingly becomes more relevant each day. Of you’ve not seen it it’s worth a look – and if you have seen it maybe it’s time to look again…


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