And That Was The Week That Was…

So Monday, it was a fairly quiet day at work, had a nice walk into town with Shaun, before heading back to work to cover the Duty desk for the first of 3 times this week. I then headed home, having a nice chat with Grace on the bus. Got home, grabbed some food and wrote up some tech articles I’ve been working on – will link to them when they appear online – and then headed out to Asda calling I. At my parents to install an Anti-virus solution on my sisters laptop and to help my parents to move their armchair back into the living room after yesterdays mouse fiasco (it has now been caught and got rid of apparently). I then headed home, unpacked the Asda stuff, read a bit and then bed.

It was another quiet day at work, with a chilled lunch with Shaun in Chunkys. I was then covering the Duty shift again in the afternoon where nothing really special happened. Headed home, watched some tv, had a quick chat with Auntie Jackie over the phone, did the ironing and then headed off to bed – what an exciting day!

Wednesday was a very long day at work, had a nice lunch with Shaun just chilling in the rest area. Then headed home via the sorting office to pick up a random letter that needed to be signed for. Then headed home, watched a bit of tv and then headed to bed.

It was still a bit of an exciting day as my first tech article published. It’s been put up on my friend Steves website for his computer repair company and can be found here – hopefully more will be following it at some point…

Today was a lot better a day at work. I was in Duty this morning and the time seemed to fly-by. Then I went out and had a nice lunch with Will discussing what’s been going on in our relevant teams, before heading back for a chilled afternoon. After work I headed home, and got a call from my sister asking if she could come over as she was bored. So she came over and brought pizza with her. There were fun times mucking around on the WiiFit and then we watched The Truman Show – thoughts are here. After the film we carried on with the Wii gaming for a bit with my sister thrashing me at various different sports, before my sister heading home and me heading to bed.

Friday was a really stupidly busy morning with several calls regarding virus problems in customer computers, and problems with the office wireless network which I manage. I dived into town for lunch with Shaun and then headed back to a slightly more chilled afternoon. After work I dived home, got changed and headed out to the cinema to meet with Shaun at the cinema to go and see Back to the Future – thoughts are here. After the film we dived out to McDonalds for a quick drink before calling in to say hi to my sister at my parents house (making her jump out of skin by walking in a bit too quietly…) before heading back to mine and bed…

Wow. Saturday was a really quiet day. I stayed at home, watched Tv and a couple of films, finished my book, waited for my sister to turn up for me to update her laptop (she never did…), made a curry for tea, then went to bed – dead exciting eh?! Though in other news did get the 100th post up here yesterday hope you’ve been enjoying…

Sunday was very similar to Saturday – did the normal Sunday morning routine, then came home, still no word from my Sister about getting her laptop sorted so watched TV and films all afternoon… Nothing really exciting to report though I did really enjoy watching (500) Days of Summer I don’t think I’ll be reviewing it here – it really spoke to me on a personal level, giving lots to think over but I’m not sure I could put that into words. Anyway now it’s time to get this week over and go to bed.

And that was the week that was…


2 thoughts on “And That Was The Week That Was…

  1. I must admit it does sound like you are dating Shaun.. Friday evening is left very ambiguous..

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