How To Train Your Dragon

I finally got to sit down and watch How To Train Your Dragon last night – it’s one I’ve been meaning to watch for a while and have just struggled to find the time to fit it in, but with a spare couple of hours and nothing else to do I thought I’d give it ago.

The style of animation show that this has obviously been made by the same people who made Kung Fu Panda which is not necessarily a bad thing – Dreamworks animations really appear to be pushing themselves at the moment trying to answer to Pixar and the quality of film that they are producing is much better than some of their earlier efforts.

The story is one that’s been seen before – the village outcast discovers a way to gain the respect of the village but his method of doing this has a secret behind it which he must fight to keep hidden.

The Animation was good with some sequences which take place over the sea and in around misty rock formations that look absolutely fantastic. The design of the different types of dragons is also really well pulled together it looks like the designers had some fun coming up with different ideas for these creatures. The characterisations of the Viking characters also appeared to be something that had been given a large amount of thought – trying to prevent them from becoming just generic warriors with big red hair and give each of them a bit of character in both their appearance and personalities.

Overall I enjoyed the film it was very light-hearted and entertaining. I think there’s a couple of moments which could’ve benefitted from greater depth but these were few and far between.


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