Life As We Know It

Be warned.  Depending on your thoughts for these kind of films Spoilers may lurk.

So last night to the cinema with Shaun and Michael to see the new comedy “Life as we know it” – given the nature of the film possibly not the best choice of company I agree…  I must admit that on leaving the cinema I felt slightly less of a man – especially for enjoying the film as much as I did.  As much as I hate to write this I don’t really think that this is a mans film…  The basic storyline revolves around two people – one a successful businesswoman who runs her own catering business, and the other a technical director for a sports TV show who don’t really get on that well.  Unfortunatly for this pair of people they have shared mutal friends, and when these mutal friends are killed in a car crash, it’s the Godparents who are left to bring up the baby.  What follows is the highs and lows of the next year where they try and fit into this new situation and to provide a stable upbringing for the child who has been foist upon them.

I really enjoyed this film – but can recognise that it won’t be for to everyones tastes – if you watch the trailer you get the distinct impression that you’ve seen the film…  However don’t let this put you off – the trailers shows the tip of the iceberg, and given the type of film this is the chances are you HAVE seen it all already, the rough storyline isn’t really going to set the world of cinema on fire with new ideas.  Then again I found that the film seemed very natural and very realistic – I really empathised with the characters at points, knowing exactly how they felt in the situations they were in; and as the big relationship develops (c’mon guys – can’t really consider that a spoiler can you?) it felt natural and right unlike other films where people seem to fall in love at the drop of a hat, followed shortly by a waltz off into the sunset… Given the trailer you have a very good idea of where the film is going to be going and it’s nice to see how the characters develop over the course of the film from the two people at odds from the start of the film, into the family you see at the end.

All in all the film provided an enjoyable evening, though it was slightly embarrasing us three single blokes walking into a cinema full or women and couples – but don’t let that put you off – it would be very hard to leave the screening without a smile on your face and a gooy feeling inside (unless perhaps your Dan – sorry mate, don’t think you’ll enjoy this one…)


2 thoughts on “Life As We Know It

  1. Well indeed you might well feel like less of a man for enjoying this. But you walked out after – Walked out with a smile and a gooey feeling inside. Sometimes these things can be a cringe inducing and painful experience, it depends a lot on how long they are.

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