“Through The Eyes Of A Child”

I was over at a friends the other day, and for reasons that we won’t go into here (their not important) I found myself sitting in the corner of the kitchen. Another person walked past, stopped, and asked if I was ok, to which I told them I was fine – just enjoying a different perspective on things… They laughed at this, pointed at the window and said at least you get a good view of the sky – and this is a comment that really got me thinking.

Due to sitting on the ground and looking up I was getting a much mire child-like perspective, and all I could see out the window was the sky with a couple of clouds floating around. This made me think of the Bible passage Matthew 18 1-9 talking about how we must come to the kingdom of heaven with the eyes of a child – and the thoughts that struck me as I sat there for a Childs height, looking at the sky was that I couldn’t see any of the rest of the world – the sky filled my viewpoint and I felt that this is how God wants us to be with him – focussing on God alone and not letting the world and it’s worries get in the way – how often do we approach with the eyes of a child, focussing in Gods glory not on the worries of the world…

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