That Is The Week That Was

Monday was the first day in what’s been a very quiet week. I came into work where I was covering the late shift, had a nice amble around town with Shaun and Chris at lunchtime, called in at my parents on my way home to check the measurements on the sofa and to confirm that I can take the new chairs (more on those when they’ve arrived me thinks), headed home, watched some TV, dived round Asda, came home and went to bed. Nothing really that exciting to report I’m afraid.

Tuesday was another quiet day, I headed into work where I got an application for a secondment finished off and sent in, then headed out to a “Chalk and Talk” session with a Microsoft Engineer about some of the features of the new server operating systems we’re getting installed at the moment – this was all very high level stuff so while it was interesting it was hard to put into a context where we’d really need to know about it. It didn’t help that the chap from Microsoft seemed to be there to try and sell the software (which we’ve already brought) and didn’t seem that comfortable standing at the front doing the talk but still it had some interesting moments. Then I headed into town with Chris, John and Shaun for a bit of an amble over lunch (where as usual I managed to make a twit of myself by not noticing they’d stopped to look in a shop which I managed to walk halfway up the high street before realising I was talking to myself – fun!). Then it was back to the office for a couple of hours, before heading home, and sitting back to watch some TV. I started to watch the film How To Train Your Dragon (review here) but this was interrupted half-way through by my friend Maureen needing some technical support. I must admit the software TeamViewer really showed its worth here – allowing me to connect to her computer and to get her sorted out in half the time it would’ve taken me just guiding over the phone – really useful software for that situation. After Maureen had been sorted out I finished the film and then headed off to bed – another exciting day.

So Wednesday, It was a fairly standard day at work – I was covering the Duty Manager position for the morning and had to deal with my first Major Incident (when I say deal with, I mean more phone the relevant team and get them to do something about it…) which of course happened with a pile of other things going wrong so had a busy half hour. I headed into town with Shaun and Chris for a nice Chunkys wrap for lunch (can’t go wrong with a Chunkys!) before heading back and having a quiet afternoon. I headed home and then turned around pretty much as soon as I got in to go out to the cinema where I was due to meet Shaun and Michael to see Life As We Know It (review here). I managed to arrive a good 20 minutes early so killed the time sitting and having a nice phone call with Heather (whilst freezing on a rather cold bench) before the others turned up and we raced in to the film. I then headed home, and setup the photo for the day – it was the end of the second month I’ve been doing Project 365 – meaning I’ve got a rather random collection of 61 photos (I’ve picked out some favourites from the second month here). Still it’s good news only another 304 photos to go! After sorting the photo I had a quick chat with Tom on the phone, followed by another quick chat with Heather and then headed off to bed.


Thursday was a chilled start but become much more manic as the day progressed! It was a fairly quiet morning in the office, followed by a quick quiet lunch reading the paper and just chilling in the rest area. I was then covering the Duty Manager for the afternoon which was a long quiet afternoon without much happening – at least it gave me the chance to get caught up on some admin! After work I headed straight to my parents to go and see the neighbours with the chairs I mentioned earlier, they’d agreed to help drop them round this Thursday, so I hitched a ride in my parent’s neighbours van and moved the armchairs followed by the sofa, leaving them in my garage whilst I get the other sofa/armchair moved. Without stopping, I then headed out with Michael to meeting up with Keith and Ben back in Maidstone for our monthly meet-up – this was a nice evening and appeared to go really quickly – not sure where the time went, though the Wetherspoons we ended up in was very disappointing with no guest ales, and half the food we ordered off the menu – I think the staff were having a hard time of it too! Michael kindly gave me a lift home, and I dived into the garage to retrieve the cushions off the new chairs (didn’t want to leave them out in the damp) and gave one of the arm chairs a quick sit test – I’m pleased to say it’s fantastically comfortable and I can’t wait to get it into my living room (not least for losing the throw which seems to get fluff all over the house). It was pretty much straight to bed when I got in, pausing only to upload that days photo – which in the first case of it’s kind had been spoiled on Twitter! Ben took a photo on his phone at the same time as I took the photo and uploaded this hours before. However Ben only has 4 followers – 3 of which were at dinner so it wasn’t a major issue… He’s under @BTMBase if you want to have a look at what he posted – I think mines better… Then naturally it was bed.


Another busy morning which was followed up by a quieter afternoon. The morning seemed to fly by catching up with all the calls I hadn’t been able to do anything with due to my Duty Shift Thursday afternoon – I managed to get a couple of calls that had been going on for a longer time sorted (with one that had been going on for a week eventually pulling down to user error…) which is always good. It was also an interesting morning as Tim the person who got me into Project 365 directed me to a photography competion on Flickr called Small Things.  I’ve entered a couple of my pictures and you have a look at what else is in the group here.  I don’t think I stand much of a chance but should hopefully get some more feedback on how to improve my photos which is always good.  Anyway back to what was going on… As it was Friday we went down to Chunkys for a Friday sarnie though got distracted wandering round town looking into bookshops which meant we were slightly later back than expected… For the afternoon we were covering the phones for First Line as they had their team meeting, it was quite nice this Friday as time seemed to fly and before we knew it it was time to go home. I headed home via my parents to pick up a couple of bits and then packed up for a weekend in Colchester. My sister had kindly offered me a lift to the station so I gave her a call and she came and picked me up and then dropped me off again. The train journey from Chatham to Colchester went very smoothly, but when I arrived my host Tom, was out at his partners (Cliff) mums birthday celebrations. There was only one thing for it and that was to go and sit in the local pub – however on checking the wallet this was empty so I headed back into town to find a cashpoint, and I managed to get some nice photos of Colchester by night. Having gained some cash I then had a nice leisurely sit in the pub next to Toms (the Odd One Out) enjoying a couple of pints, the paper, and a nice chat with the landlord. I got a text from Tom to say he was home so headed over and chilled with him and Cliff for a bit, before bedding down for the night.

Saturday was a bit of an early start for me as I was heading off to have lunch with Heather – she needed to head to London later in the day so we’d agreed to meet early so there was time for a cuppa before cooking some bangers and mash for lunch. It was a bit of an experimental meal adding horseradish to the mash to try and bring out the flavour of the sausages a bit more and I thought it really worked well – combined with Proctors sausages it was a really tasty lunch – hopefully can do the same again soon… We then headed back towards town (having to go via Wivenhoe which was nice to give the town a look in even if only for 2 minutes). I got back to Colchester Town and went for a wander round St Botolphs Priory before heading back to Toms. As no-one else was in I sat down and caught up with Genius and The Apprentice, and then when Tom turned up headed next door to the Odd One Out (a wonderful pub) and had a few pints waiting for Dan and Ali to join us. After they joined us we had another couple of pints, met up with Laura and then it was back to Toms for pizza. We chilled and put on Gremlins 2 which was very strange and we all seemed to fall asleep during this so it was time for bed.

It wasn’t the most comfortable nights sleep Saturday to Sunday just due to the sheer number of people in one room… Still I slept well despite waking up a couple of times and we sat around that morning generally chilling and watching Tv. Tom made a fantastic pasta bake for lunch and given the effort he’d put in, I got Laura to give me a hand with the washing up… After this was sorted we chilled some more and I headed into town to meet with Heather for a quick drink, amble round town into castle park and then take some time to pray – this was a really nice time together and was great to feel Gods presence. It seemed a shame to have to finish at the time we did. We carried on through castle park headed down towards the Phil(l)s where we called in for a cup of tea and a good chinwag. Time passed much too quickly and before I knew it, it was time to start heading to the station, this was a nice walk through Colchester at sunset and I got to the station in good time – to discover there were going to engineering works on the line. Never fun! To be fair the journey from Colchester to London wasn’t too bad (and I checked before to fund the High Speed trains were also affected by engineering works so it was the long way round…) despite having to get the bus from Witham to Ingatestone before another train into Liverpool Street.  At Liverpool Street it was a fairly easy trip round the tube and out again at Victoria – I just missed one train so had to wait 20 minutes for the next which wasn’t a great hardship – it was there so I could sit down and arrange a lift for the other end.  The journey wasn’t exciting and I got home in good time (about 3-4 hours after I’d left the Phil(l)s house…).  I uploaded the Project 365 photos I’d missed, updated this post and then it’s time for bed.
Before I go I want to add one last thing – I was wandering around Colchester taking photos over the weekend and will be putting some of those up later – I just thought that this was a good one so wanted to put it up earlier…


Artists at Work


And that is the week that was.


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