Despicable Me

So the other day my sister and I went to see the new animated film Despicable Me. The basic concept is that an evil genius mid-masterplan has to take in three orphans – I think you can guess what happens next. The cast has got some really strong names to it – for example Steve Carrell plays Gru the lead evil genius but it just never worked for me. It’s a comedy film yet there’s only one point where I really laughed out loud and that was more of a small giggle than anything (and a large number of reviews have repeated the joke already so chances are you’ve seen it). I just found the main villain to be annoying and irksome – even when supposed to be threatening. If I’m completely honest I found the whole thing rather underwhelming and disappointing… There was the potential for a good film here but it just didn’t seem to be tapped- if you want to see it I’d wait for the DVD… Though the end credits do have the best use of 3D I’ve seen so far with a bunch of minions discovering a strange edge and seeing who can reach over it furthest – this was an amusing technical exercise and it’s a shame how some of the imagination and humour shown here didn’t make it to the film…


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