That Is The Week That Was


Monday was a nice quiet day, Work didn’t prove overly complicated though I was on the late shift so this dragged out a bit longer than I’d normally like. I came home and had a surprise phone call from Phil P whose always nice to chat with, and then spent the evening watching a bit of TV, before bed.

Tuesday was another fun day at work – I had a call for a contract that had gone wrong but needed to be signed by the head of the council later that day – fortunately we got it fixed fairly quickly though it provided an entertaining half hour figuring that one out. At lunch I popped into town with Chris and we grabbed a Costa coffee before heading back to a long afternoon enjoying the late shift. 5:30 came and I headed home feeling completely exhausted to get a call from Michael reminding me that were supposed to be heading to the gym. This was just a trial session but it gave a nice workout though I ended up feeling slightly cramped up at the end of it but think this was more due to me failing to warm up properly… After the gym I headed home and then bed.

Wednesday was a day off for a bit of a change. I went down to Chatham dockyard to try and have a look at what was going on with the filming for Sherlock Holmes which is being shot down there. Unfortunately I was unable to get into the dockyard (didn’t want to pay the admission) but I was still able to and get some nice photos as I was wandering around. You should be able to see some of my favourites in the picture post here… I met up with my sister for lunch at the local shopping centre, then we headed to the cinema via Asda. We went to see Despicable Me (thoughts here). Before heading home and a chilled evening in front of the tv.

Thursday was a day back in the office. It wasn’t too bad getting on top of the queue and closing off a couple of long running issues which is always nice to do. I had a nice Burger King for lunch with Matt and Chris, before a longish afternoon (the curse of the late shift)… Then heading home to get the photos from Wednesday sorted (posted up here). Michael popped over for a cup of tea and then I had some dinner in front of the tv.

Friday was an unusual day at work as it was spent at a training course for a framework called ITIL. The guy leading the course was quite interesting and it provides some interesting ideas, for managing the calls we receive but is bit too high above our level to really implement ourselves – think the idea is to give us a better idea about some of the changes and processes that are being brought it. The lunch break was nice with a quick trip into town with Matt to dive to a grocers and we then grabbed a pasty on the way back to the office. After the course finished I headed home and started making a pasta sauce as my friend Claire was coming over for dinner. I was quite chuffed with this sauce as it’s been a while since I made one but it seemed to come out ok. Claire came over and we had a nice dinner before watching Sherlock Holmes (the Guy Ritchie version). Claire headed home after this and I headed up to bed.

Saturday was another chilled day. I did the washing up from the night before (sauce always seems to use an inordinate number of saucepans!) and then Matt, Anthony and Michael arrived. We had a round of Bacon sarnies and then a game of the Battlestar Galactica board game. This was a shorter game but still fun and fortunately the humans won. After this Matt had to go but Ben joined us for a couple of rounds of MagBlast (a game designed to replicate giant space battles). After those everyone headed home and I just relaxed with dinner Merlin, An Idiot Abroad,  and The Sarah Jane Adventures before heading bedwards.


Sunday was a nice day – got up, went to church, helped my friend Maureen tidy up the teas and coffees after the service giving us the chance to have a bit of a natter, and then headed up to my parents for lunch.  It’s always nice to have a good bit of Roast Chicken on a Sunday for lunch.  After that I did quick bit of work on my sisters laptop (mainly adding iTunes – which I’m not sure why she couldn’t do by herself but hey…).  Then stuck around at my parents helping out on computers and bits for a while before heading out again to head into Maidstone to go and see Shauns Band – Left Of The Right Side play a gig.  I really enjoyed this – it’s the first time I’ve really heard Shaun’s music and he worrying that it’s not my type of music.  I really enjoyed the show – it was very loud and energetic and the whole band seemed to be having a good time – I’ll probably put some photos up in the near future (Update: Photos here), and a full review of the album when I’ve got my hands on it.  After the gig my and my sister grabbed a Burger King and headed home.  I had a quick chat with Tom and then headed off to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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