So for the first time ever I saw Gladiator the other night. It’s one of those films that everyone says you should watch that I’ve just not got round to looking at so it seemed a good opportunity to give it a go. The scale of the film was suitably epic, with some fantastic digitally created panoramas of Ancient Rome. I must admit that one of the things that pit me off the film was the perceived level of gore but I found that this was more of mis-representation and there was nothing that really caused a problem for me. In fairness to the film it had an interesting plot line – though this did seem slightly unbelievable at points (the end battle for example) and I thought Joaquin Phoenixes descent into madness was really effectively and creeping pulled off. Russell Crowe was a good lead actor though certainly seemed to be playing the same character as his more recent interpretation of Robin Hood – still he played the role given to him well and with a good conviction. The only thing that really disappointed me was Hans Zimmers score – at points this was really stand out and suited the film that we were watching – at other times it was the same as so many other Hans Zimmer scored films I almost forgot what I was watching (the main theme for Pirates of the Caribbean appeared to be used over and over again). Then again this was more of a minor gripe against a visually impressive film that’s certainly worth seeing for a clever story and fantastic visuals.


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