Tuesday evening Shaun and I made the trip to the local Multiplex to see the new Actioner RED. I’d seen a couple of trailers for this and it looked fun, but apart from that all I knew is that it was based on a comic book series. Overall I found that the film was great fun with Bruce Willis et al showing that they may be old but they still have it. The story did get a bit confusing towards the end of the film – I admit that I got a bit lost and confused with what was going on – that said the film was fantastically great fun with some really fun action sequences (without wishing to say too much Bruce Willis’ exit from a car is possibly one of the coolest moments of the year). The cast seems to be well chosen for their roles, and they all appear to be having fun which is nice to see. John Malkovich in particular pulling in a fantastic comic turn as a CIA operative who was given daily doses of LSD for 10 years… This says alot about the film though it carries a dark comic edge within it leading to plenty of chuckles within the action – I must admit that this is one I look forward to seeing again and suggest you give it a look in if you can.


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