That Is The Week That Was


I had this week off work so Monday was lazy day. I caught up with a bit of TV before heading out for a cup of tea and lunch with Maureen (some photos here) and then heading into Chatham to have a look round a couple of the sales. I then came home, chilled a bit before heading out to my parents for dinner, before Michael picked me up and dragged me off to the gym. We actually joined properly today which means I’m going to have to start going properly and due to the time we went I don’t feel that we got that good a workout – then again I’m not sure if I could’ve taken that much more and we’re due to go back on Tuesday! After the gym I headed back home via my parents to pick up some stuff I’d left there and then headed home where I made a couple of quick tweaks to the blog – the posts where I just have photos should now be clearer with their titles starting “Photo Post”, they also have a catergory now so hopefully can group them a bit more easily – I hope you find these as interesting to view as I find it taking them. After tweaking the blog it was straight to bed for me.


Tuesday was an earlier start with a return to the gym for a body test – this is the first step in getting a fitness plan together. I’m apparently in a good shape for my shape though there’s still plenty to do… After the test I headed home and got on with some chores around the house and just got things generally tidied up before having some lunch, and then having my mum call to see if it would be ok for her to pop over. This was a great phone call as I was able to ask her to bring Cake and some cocktail umbrellas and she didn’t appear to bat an eyelid. Obviously she’s too used to my madness by now! I did need both for good reason – the cake as Maureen was coming over for a cup of tea and the cocktail stick for Tuesday’s picture (see here). She popped round and we were having a look at the sofas in the garage when Maureen and her husband Mike came over. We had a nice chat and look through some of the photos I’ve taken (on the big TV to help for those of us with poor eye sight) and then I headed out to the cinema to meet with Shaun to see the film Red (thoughts here). After the film I headed home, sorted out some washing and updated a Refresh Technology article I was supposed to upload last week and then headed to bed.


Wednesday was a horrendously busy morning – serves me right for leaving everything to the last minute! I managed to over-sleep and got woken by a call from Dan who I was going to be visiting for the rest of the week asking if I could arrive a couple of hours earlier. This meant I had to get myself packed, get a haircut, and try and fit a trip to the gym into the mix as well – though unfortunately this had to fall by the wayside – I’ll just have to make it up next week. Michael kindly picked me up when I finished getting my hair done and drove me down the station where I arrived with time enough to get a coffee – the guy who served me was wonderful – he was friendly and funny, really brightening my day and leaving me a happy customer. I then hopped on my train, drank my coffee, and read the Metro whilst whizzing through the Kentish countryside (I do love the High-Speed trains certainly get you where you need to be quickly!). I got to Stratford without any problems but this was the weak link in the trip as I was supposed to change here for Norwich, and my sister had apparently waited 2hours for a Norwich train before being told she had to change at Colchester (no I don’t know why she waited this long to find out either…). Fortunately for me the train times app on my phone worked correctly and I was able to get a Norwich train at the correctly advertised time. It was then a long sit down whilst being whizzed through the Essex/Suffolk/Norfolk countryside on the way up to Norwich. I arrived at the station to find Dan and Ali waiting for me which was nice and we then had a quick wander round some of the sights of Norwich before settling down for a cup of coffee followed by dinner at Wagamamas – which as always was tasty. We then got the bus out to Dans village and headed back to his house to meet the family, and then play Halo ODST before heading back downstairs to watch The Apprentice – it was a good episode this week with the ending coming into a very tense finish – and the right person appeared to be fired as well which is always nice. After this we watched some episodes of the American Office, followed by the film Gladiator as it was on and Id never seen it before – I’ll try and get some thoughts about that up later. Given the film finished at 2 in the morning there was nothing else to do after but bed.

I got a bit of an early start on Thursday thanks to Dans dog Misty. We had a gentle start getting some breakfast and playing some more Halo before showering and some FIFA…. My favourite… After a couple of games of FIFA it was onto Modern Warfare 2 which was ok but not really astounding and then we headed out into Norwich for the beer festival. Unfortunately we found that this closed at half 2 till half 5 so we went to find some lunch eventually settling in a local pub which was running a mini beer festival to find they’d stopped serving food. We had a couple of pints and then headed out to a pizza hut for a large dinner and ambled onto the beer festival. The queue to get into this was astounding but moved quite quickly, we got in and had some more beers (reviews here) and a nice chinwag before having to catch the last bus at half 9. We headed back to Dans and watched tv for a bit (catching the end of For Your Eyes Only – possibly my favourite Bond film) and then heading to bed.

Friday was a rushed start as we got up late and had to rush out to get the bus… This meant hanging around for Dan who appeared to take forever… He was finally ready and we headed out to the bus stop. We had to hang around a bit in the cold but when the bus arrived we got into town fairly easily. We then headed to the festival, had some beers and when this closed at 3:30 headed into town for a wander. We went to try and find a curry house but nothing decent was open so we retreated to the local Wetherspoons for dinner where I was able to get what will hopefully be one of the more fun Project 365 photos (though I’ve not checked this on a big screen at the time if writing). After this we raced to the bus stop and headed back to Dans where a bit more Call Of Duty was played followed by Left For Dead 2… We finished up with a game of the Battlestar Galactica boardgame, whilst watching Galaxy Quest till 2 in the morning – then naturally bed.

Saturday was a lazier start with Dan heading out for his driving lesson with me and Ali following up later on the bus. Though given the bus turned up five minutes early(?!) we were forced to get a later bus leaving Dan waiting for us. We then had a nice lunch in a local pub which was running a small beer festival – this was really nice food and they also had TVs on the wall showing Sky Sports in 3D. As we had a couple of pairs of 3D glasses with us we gave the screen a go and I can fully understand why there’s the big fuss – the images on screen seemed crisp and clear with a fantastic quality and it was great to see the depths on the screen too – possibly worth paying more attention to in the future… After we’d finished lunch we headed back towards the beer festival to find that this was closing it’s lunchtime session not due to open till that evening. We carried on through town heading to the cinema to get some tickets for a later film and then heading to the local Wetherspoons for a quick pint. We then headed back out into the sticks to meet Jenny (Alis sister) and her boyfriend Steve for dinner. As we arrived early we had another quick pint in the local pub before heading to a restaurant called Zaks. This was really nice American style food – though unfortunately the fajitas Dan, Ali, and Jenny ordered managed to set off the smoke detectors and we got asked to stand outside for 5 minutes whilst they sorted out the system… After dinner we headed back to Norwich to the cinema to see the film Red – I’ve already commented on that here. It was nice to see it again but the seats were really uncomfortable leading to alot of fidgeting… After that we headed back to Dans and bed.

Sunday was once again a later start, getting up and having some breakfast whilst watching Team America World Police (thoughts will appear at somepoint) after this me and Dan walked to the bus stop and I started the long journey home – I got to Norwich ok and then headed to the station. Once here (after a bit of waiting around) I got the train back to Colchester which is where there was a break in the service for a rail replacement service. As I was walking to the bus I got a call from a Colchester friend asking me to pop over so I quickly headed over and we had a really good prayer session before heading back to the station and a bus to Ingatestone. I had to hang around on the station a bit, but then managed to hope on the train from Ingatestone to Stratford which was a fairly quick and easy journey.  I was able to make the change and get back to from Stratford without any issues.  My dad picked me up from the station which was a great help, and then I got home, where I sorted out the Project 365 photos from whilst I was away but held off dealing with the other photos for another night (you’ll see a photo post soon).  I had a couple of quick phone calls, and then sorted out the rubbish and headed to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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