Photo Post – Chatham Dockyard Again

It’s post-payday so when I heard they were doign some more filming I figured I could afford to get in an have a look around and see what I see. Here’s a selection of the photos from the day.

Dockyard ViewMassive MangleHMS GannetHMS Gannet from the FrontHMS Gannet FigureheadSteam HammerHMS Gannet Bow ViewCrane SilhouetteBig Sub, Little Sub...Steam PoweredFriggin' RiggingSubmarine in Dry DockCrane and Clock TowerWar MemorialHMS CavalierAnchor & LeavesPolice PointPhone Box or Spaceship?Rolling StockMermaid DoorwayAutumn WalkA Carpet Of Leaves, Red, Gold and BrownGannet and BuildingsDockyard CraneWarshipSlag & TransportForboding SkyDockside FurnitureStorage ShedsForboding SkyRosesFlags In The Wind


One thought on “Photo Post – Chatham Dockyard Again

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