That Is The Week That Was


So Monday, I headed back to work after a week off which is never fun. I managed to wrangle a later start and it didn’t take too long to get caught up back to speed and catching up with the queue. I had a nice amble into town with Shaun and John, with lunch at Chunkys before heading back for a long afternoon. To be honest it all appeared to go quite quickly as I had an interview mid-afternoon. This seemed to go ok – but the technical questions were VERY technical – still it was nice to have the learning experience that came out of it. After work I headed home, sorted out the Norwich photos (photo post here) and then headed over to my parents as it was my sisters first day in her new job and we were going to have a “little drinkee” – my mums words not mine. After this I headed to the gym with Michael for quite a good workout before a quick trip round Asda, then home and bed.


Tuesday was a slightly earlier start though not as early as I would normally aim for – it had the great side effect of reminding me why I normally avoid the buses between 8:30-9:00-ish like the plague, just because they get so busy. Work was fairly steady today picking up calls, getting them fixed and then moving onto the next one. I had a nice lunch down at Burger King with Shaun and Luke, and then a briefing regarding the ongoing restructure in the afternoon. After work I headed home, watched a bit of TV and had some dinner, before heading out to the gym with Michael for what ended up being another good work-out – I was quite chuffed that I managed to get 40 lengths done in the pool which is the most I’ve done so far. After this I came home and pretty much headed straight to bed.


Wednesday was reasonably quiet. I headed into work as normal where nothing majorly exciting happened. I had a nice lunch with Shaun and then in the afternoon was told that I hadn’t got the job I’d applied for. Oh well, one door closes another one opens so well just have to see what happens next. After work I headed home, had some dinner and headed out with Michael to the gym. It was a good 2 hour workout and I honestly came out feeling really good. I dropped Michael home and called in on Maureen for a quick chat and to grab a DVD she’d borrowed before heading home to bed.


On Thursday I had the day off as I’d discovered they were going to be doing some more filming down at Chatham Dockyard so I thought I’d go down and see if I could have a look/see anything interesting.  I was slightly more successful than the last time – I actually managed to get into the place and find the set, but unforunately that’s about as close as I got – there were lots of guards around and while they seemed willing to let people have a look it would’ve been a time when the crew weren’t working and having hung around for 2 hours there didn’t seem to be a lull so I decided to give up, head home and get some food.  Still I got some nice photos which I’ve added to a photo post here.  I then headed out that evening to go and see Burke and Hare at the cinema with Shaun.  The film was really funny and good – I’ll try and get some more thoughts written up to come up here.  After the film I headed home and then bed.


Friday saw me back in the office and manning the Duty desk.  I thought that this was going to provide a good oppourtunity for me to get a presentation I need to get done for next week finished but I was really wrong there as we had a major incident which started by being 12/13 different high priority incidents logged for different sites and trying to manage all the required updates plus questions and bits.  It was a stressful situation and really not fun, but somehow I managed to get through it.  I headed into town with John, Matt, and Chris at lunch specifically with the purpose of trying to find a Rocket for the days Project 365 photo – it’s here and I think it came out ok but isn’t the greatest – unfortunatley all the copies I took of this seem to be blurred in someway.  Still it’s all a learning experience.  After lunch we had our team meeting which filled up the afternoon – this was it’s usual useful self containing some good information and good discussion.  I then headed home, had some dinner, and went over to see my sister and to let off some of the Rockets I’d brought.  We started this in my parents garden but were somewhat concerned by the trees, so headed back to mine where we managed to get a bit more clearance (though still managed to have one close shave…).  After this she came with me for a quick session at the gym which was another good workout and then it was dropping her home and heading back to mine for bed.


Friday night didn’t go quite as planned when I got back – leading to me waking up on a sofa in Colchester… Long story I may tell it sometime.  I had some bacon sarnies with my friend Heather and then we headed back to Kent.  Once back, we called in on my friend Maureen to drop off a DVD and then grabbed some chips from the local chippie.  We headed back to mine to eat these whilst watching last weeks Merlin and then headed out to an area called the Great Lines where Medway Council holds a free fireworks display.  This was a bit of a climb but was worth it for a really large and fireworks display – plus a great view of the local towns and all the fireworks going on out there too.  The only problem was that parking was a bit tight (I had to fit into a space between two cars that had parked slightly over the lines, fortunatly I have a small car and was able to fit it in there…).  After the display we headed back to my house via Asda where we got some sparklers.  We used some of these sparklers outside the house and then headed in to make some Mulled Wine.  My sister and her friend Mel came over to join us for this and some more sparklers and we had great fun creating a Merlin/Morgana fight scene using them  – though I think we may have confused the neighbours somewhat…  There is a video and it MAY get uploaded – we’ll have to see.  After this we watched How To Train Your Dragon with some hot chocolate and then watched that nights Merlin – by this time I was pretty zonked so bed it was.


Sunday was a nice start with some more bacon sarnies.  We then headed into Rochester for the sung eucharist service at the Cathedral which was a really nice service with a very challenging sermon.  We followed this with a quick trip round Rochester, before returning back to mine where I made a Sausage and Onion plait for lunch, with Roast Potatos and boiled Cabbage – and as someone who doesn’t normally do greens can I say that this cabbage was wonderful!  Unfortunatly lunch passed much too quickly and I had to get Heather back to hers so she could get the work she needed to get done for Monday.  I had a quick chat with Tom, sorted out some photos from the weekend (I think I got some really good ones this weekend so have done another photo post here) and then headed to bed as quite frankly I was exhausted.
And that is the week that was.


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