That Is The Week That Was

Rather boring week this week




Seriously by this point there wasn’t really anything worth writing about…



Then in a break from the norm I met up with Keith and Ben for a curry in the evening – we had a nice evening, the curry was good (for a Wetherspoons) and it was nice to catch up.  Even better they had Adnams Ghost Ship on at the bar – which is a fantastic drink!  So all in all a very nice evening.  Then I headed home and


Thursday was also a sad day in a way – as I’ve decided I’m going to have to retire Galaxy 4 from the front seat of Project 365, the problem is that the clockwork inside has frozen in place which means he’s stuck in the same pose where it’s just about balencing on one leg.  His head has already come off and he’s suffered other pieces of minor damage so I’ve decieded to put him to the side for now – whilst he’s still in pretty much one piece, and have ordered a new character – which will hopefully be appearing soon…


It was a fairly standard day at work – I had to give a presentation to the First Line team meeting that afternoon which I think went well – it was on Mail Merge so not very exciting, and then ended up sticking around till 5:30 having got in at 8 as my friend was ill, needed to go home and no-one else would cover him.  I headed home and met up with Claire where we got some Fish and Chips and just chilled watching some TV before Claire went home and I went to bed.


Saturday was a very lazy day where I all I did was laze on the sofa watching TV.  The good news is that the robot to replace Galaxy 4 arrived (see Thursdays post).  You’ll just have to wait and see for when the new character arrives… 😉

Apart from that nothing exciting to report – unless you count me having porridge for breakfast…


Once again a quieter day catching up with TV.  In the evening I went to he cinema with my sister to see the Les Miserables 25th Aniversary concert but that will prob be covered in another post.  After I got back I did the bins and then bed.

And that is the week it was – sorry it was a boring one.

4 thoughts on “That Is The Week That Was

  1. I’m always mystified as to the need to clarify that you went to bed.
    Shame Ghost Ship is not available bottled.

      • Just a guess as never seen it. But checking the site, it sounds like a seasonal cask-only. Maybe we can tweet them to bottle it.

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