That Is The Week That Was…

ah Monday. The start of a hopefully more exciting week – except I was on lates which is never a good thing. Monday was the exception to this – I was in the office early as I needed to get away early. Work was the same old usual beast getting bits sorted out as required, the usual. I then headed down to Chatham station and up to London to meet up with my ex – Elisa. I had a couple of bits to hand over to her which had been left in a cupboard at mine and we went and had a nice coffee together catching up with where life has taken us too on our different journeys. After she headed back to where she was staying I then met up with Tom for a quick pint and some food (having a wander around trafalgar square whilst waiting for him) before heading home.

Tuesday was back to the late shift – nothing really exciting happened and then after work I headed with Michael out to the gym for a quick workout before heading home and then to bed.

Wednesday was a usual day at work with a rather annoying evening – we went up to the gym to discover they had changed their opening hours – without telling anyone – and at the time we arrived we had 20 minutes before they closed. Naturally we weren’t impressed so heading back via a quick trip round Asda. The one good thing was I could watch the Apprentice as it was on telly rather than waiting till the next day – which was fun trying to keep up with the twitter feed whilst watching.

Another quieter day, work, gym, bed.

It was Children In Need so it was a bit more of a party atmosphere in the office – had a nice bacon roll for breakfast and then enjoyed some cakes throughout the day and helped judge the photo competition – none of mine got through so amused myself taking some more random photos in the office. These will all be going online somewhere and who knows I may do another photo post. After work I headed to the bus getting to the car to discover I’d left my keys in the office. Fortunately my friend Chris hadn’t left yet so he grabbed these for me. I then headed to the house of my friend Michael as it was his birthday party – I helped him get setup for what was a very nice evening and good fun with some of his friends from work as well. This went on till about 3am when it was time for bed.

Saturday I woke up reasonably early and helped Michael tidy up the living room before chilling for a bit and getting some bacon sarnies for breakfast. Before heading home and sorting out the photos for the previous couple of days (I’ve popped some of these at the bottom of this post) – this took a couple of hours, a suprisingly long time but I got it dealt with in the end.  Then I went, chilled, watched some TV and headed to bed.


Sunday was an early start as I was signed up for some overtime in the office.  I arrived early and met one of the engineers I was going to work with.  We wandered into town to get some breakfast being slightly bemused by the army of Santa’s jogging past the window, before heaeding back, meeting with the other engineers and getting to work patching some cables on one of the switches in our main building – this meant untangling and changing about 80-100 network cables which at points wasn’t the easiest of jobsthe picture to the side is one I found online but will hopefully give an idea of what exactly we were working with.  We had a break for lunch heading to the local Wetherspoons finding that they were serving Adnams Yuletide – which is really lovely, before heading back and finishing off the untangling of the wires.  I then headed home, and chilled out watching James May’s Man Lab – it was quite amusing and a shame that there weren’t any more episodes beyond the three they showed.  Then it was time to sort out the bins, had a quick chat with Tom and uploaded Photo 100 for Project 365 – that’s right, only another 265 to go… Still really chuffed to have reached this milestone – half-way is the next stop off and hopefully it’s not going to be too hard to get there!  After sorting out the photo it was time for one thing.  Bed.

As mentioned earlier photos from Children In Need and the Weekend etc are below.

And that is the week that was.

Stuck InsideChilli Chocolate Cake B&WChilli Chocolate CakeChocolate CakeGingerbread HouseSponge CakeBoulongarie Foulie Cake SpreadBoulongarie Foulie Cake SpreadJam and Sauce SelectionPockmarksBaileys BottleBaileys Bottle - Figure DetailGreat Space TurtleGreat Space Turtle - Elephant Holding the WorldGreat Space Turtle - Top Down ViewLet Sleeping Dogs LieDreaming Of Chasing RabbitsGone To The World


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