That Is The Week That Was


So Monday. I really ached on Monday having spent Sunday cooped up in a server room. It was very sore heading into work, and I don’t think I really helped matters by going to the gym in the evening. Still it was a good workout – though the 30 lengths of the pool was one of the hardest ones I’ve done so far. After finishing at the gym I headed home and just got some sleep – it was something of an exhausting weekend.

Tuesday was a day of aches just as bad as Monday – like I said I don’t know if going to the gym was a good idea on Monday evening. Work was it’s normal self, getting on top of calls etc, I then raced home to get changed and to get out again to meet my brother and his girlfriend at the station before driving out to the Black Horse in Thurnham for my mum’s birthday dinner- this is a really nice pub though a bit in the middle of no-where and they do a really gorgeous toad in the hole – couldn’t recommend it more highly if you’re in the area! After dinner I dropped my brother and his girlfriend back at the station before heading home and to bed.

Wednesday was another long day at work – nothing really that exciting happened, I got on with getting calls fixed and keeping my queue under control. Then after work I dived home, grabbed some dinner, and headed out to the cinema to see the new Harry Potter film – this was very good and some thoughts should be online here. After this I was feeling completely knackered so headed home and off to bed.

Thursday was a slower start for work as I was still feeling knackered. It really didn’t help that I arrived in the office at 8:15 and was asked to cover another engineer who was on the late shift – however this turned out to only be his duties and not actually the staying till 5:30 as well. I headed home, got changed and headed out to meet up with my Godson and his mother for dinner – which was really nice as I hadn’t seen them in ages (if it puts it into context I had a Fez from Turkey to pass on to my Godson!). it was nice to catch up with them and find out what’s going on with them, though I was forced to leave earlier than I would’ve liked too due to tiredness. Once again it was home and then bed.


It was a later start on Friday as I was covering the late Duty shift.  Work was it’s usual self nothing really to report and then I was supposed to go to the gym on the way home but felt so exhausted I gave it a miss.  Instead I went home, watched some TV and then headed to bed.


Saturday was mainly spent at one of our offices helping sort move a set of computers in from an office which has recently closed.  The staff are starting there on Monday so we had to get everything setup and ready to go – it was a nice day and a good oppourtunity to get to know some engineers that we don’t normally get a chance to speak to.  After this I headed home, before going out again for dinner with Michael who seemed in a grumpy mood and then home and bed.


Sunday was back out at work again, moving some more computers around.  This went really well and we got done just after lunchtime.  Then it was home and the usual drill, bit of TV and bed.

And that is the week that was.

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