Photo Post – Snow

I absolutely LOVE the snow. When it starts snowing I find this excitement growing and I find myself feeling like a child again. It gives the world such a lovely look and I regard those vast swathes of snow which haven’t been stepped on as practically holy (my back garden is currently off-limits to anyone…) as they just look so clean and fresh – like a sheet of paper on which your about to start writing it’s got that feel of possibility and a certain beauty.

Anyway enough of my waffling – here’s some photos I’ve taken over the past couple of days throughout the snow.

Day 110 Rejected - IciclesDay 110 Rejected - Thin IceSnow Covered FenceFootsteps In The SnowDay 110 Rejected - Frozen InDay 110 Rejected - Frozen In B&W editionDay 110 Rejected - Lost the SnowFremlin Walk - Snow Dusted Christmas TreeFremlin Walk - Christmas DecorationsMaidstone Adult Ed CentreMaidstone Adult Ed Centre - Gurkha StatueMaidstone Adult Ed CentreMaidstone Adult Ed Centre - Snow Covered LionSt Faiths Church - Snow Covered Church TowerSt Faiths Church - Snow Covered ChurchMaidstone Adult Ed Centre Through The TreesSt Faiths Church Snow Covered ChapelSt Faiths Church Covered With SnowSnowed In Car ParkListening Post?Snow Covered Branches By Dawn LightDay 108 Redux - What's ThisDay 109 - Snow-Bot!Snow in TreesDay 109 Rejected - Snowball!Day 109 Rejected - Snowball! Take 2Snow Is FallingSnow and BerriesIce InvadersDay 108 - What's This?

Update 2/12: Well we’ve still got Snow so here’s a few more pictures.

Snow Covered WoodsSnow PloughSnow Covered BranchesSnow In The WoodsSnow Covered HollyGarden GateA Fresh SnowfallIcicleSnow At DawnLost DirectionsDay 111 - "It's The Time That Every Santa Has A Ball"Mega IcicleIciclesSnow Covered FenceMega IcicleWow! Snow!Snow Covered Woods

Update 3/12 It’s starting to thaw out a bit – but still looking good.  Here’s some more photos taken today.

Icicles By StreetlightSnow Covered Tree At DuskMega Icicle By DuskDusk SkyClear SkiesMelting IcicleIcicle Close-UpRow of IciclesIciclesIciclesIciclesDay 112 Rejected - IciclesSnow Covered BranchMega IcicleHanging IcicleSnow Covered FirLeaves and SnowIcicle RowSnow FlowersSnowy Street ViewSnow and BerriesBlocked StreetStuck CarMega Icicle

Update – 8/12 This should be the last update on this post – it’s the final set of photos before the snow started thawing for good…. Then again if we get more snow there’ll be more photos…

Day 114 - Winter WonderlandAbandonded TrolleyASDA CarparkRochester - Snow Covered BuildingHole In The FenceSnowy Trolley ParkMega Icicle - The Beginning Of The EndGarden ViewPurple Flowers In The SnowYellow Flower Struggling In Snow


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