That Is The Week That Was…

Monday was a fairly standard day. I headed into work, had a nice lunch with Shaun, John, Chris and Luke to celebrate Johns promotion and then headed straight from work to the Gym where I met up with Michael and his mum for a good workout followed by a trip to Asda. This is where it got interesting as it was whilst I was wandering around Asda that it started to snow and settle – I wasn’t prepared for this at all! I finished my shop and headed back to mine calling in at my parents on the way – at this point it had got heavier, but the killer thing for me was heading down the hill where my parents live and finding myself losing control of the car. I stopped at the end of the road, grabbed what I needed to from them and then slowly drove my way back up to the main road – stopping to push a car ahead forward at one point so that I could get out. I unloaded the car as quickly as I could and got inside where I was finally able to enjoy the falling snow somewhat. I took a couple of photos and headed to bed expecting a tricky day to folllow.

Tuesday was a snow day – I looked out the windows at the roads and decided that it wouldn’t be safe to try and get in – so didn’t even try. I’d brought my laptop home with my so I was able to remote into the office and get on with what I could from home. I spent most the day feeling cold – I really need to do something about getting more insulation and just generally surviving through the snow. It wasn’t the most exciting of days and seemed a long one – at least I got some nice photos with the bots in the snow.

Wednesday I was actually able to make it back to the office – the roads were clear enough for me to give it a go. I spent the day catching up with bits I wasn’t able to do the day before, and was able to head into town with Chris Scott to introduce him to the Chunkies Christmas Special which has finally come onto the menu – this is a fantasic sandwich incorporating Turkey, Sausage, Bacon, Stuffing, and Cranberry Sauce all into one big sandwich – very very tasty and Chris had never encountered it before so was more than happy to show him the light! We had a wander round Maidstone whilst I took some photos and then headed back to the office for an early finish so that everyone could get home safe as it had been snowing throughout the day. I had a resonable drive home – it was alot better than I had been expecting it to be partially as the roads were empty and I managed to get home in good time. I then put on the TV and chilled there for the rest of the evening before heading to bed waiting to see what the next day brought.

Thursday was another snow day – the main road outside the house was completly impassable and it seemed a foolish thing to even attempt to get out the house let alone into work. I had a quick wander trying to get some supplies (fortunatly we have a baker nearby so I was able to get a gorgeous fresh loaf of bread) before logging onto the laptop once again and just doing what I was able to do. That evening I settled down in front of the TV again and feeling like a bit of a change put on a Bond film to watch. Nice. WHen this finished it was time for bed.

Friday was another cold snowy day – the roads seemed a bit clearer but it still seemed a stupid thing to try and get into work – in the end I couldn’t have driven in if I’d wanted too – as by checking the car I found the route into where I’d parked was blocked by a lorry/van thing that had got stuck. So it was back onto the laptop doing as much as I could as the day drifted by. I must be honest by this point I was feeling a little stir crazy having been trapped in the same 4 walls for 2/3 days now so made some plans to walk round to my parents over the weekend. Fortunatly throughout the day I could hear the drop of the thaw going on outisde my window – though also had a huge icicle building up there that I had to figure out what to do with. I mainly settled for taking photos of it as you can see on my Flickr feed…  TO cheer myself up a bit I got my hands on some Bond films and spent my time after work watching those – I’d forgotten how much fun a good Bond film could be and I assure you that these were a delight to behold for the sheer stupidity they displayed – they were still fantastic fun.  Then after these it was time for another trip to bed.


On Saturday morning I got picked up by my parents and sister from outside mine – though the thaw had started and I’m fairly certain that I would’ve been able to get the car out from behind my house.  We then headed to the local Asda for a bit of a shop where it was absolutly heaving – we were in a queue for at least half an hour waiting to pay at the end and the car park was fuller than I’ve ever seen it – though I didn’t help that some spaces just seemed to be full of snow.  After getting out of Asda we headed down into Rochester for the Dickensian Christmas Weekend – this was the first time I’ve been in years and it was really nice to go and have a wander around – it was great seeing all the people in costumes – some of whom had put in a real effort and were really working to entertain the crowd as well – I took lots of photos which I’m sure will appear on a photo post once they’ve been processed.  We also headed up to the castle for a wander around the Christmas fayre that they are holding this year – which felt strangly like Oktoberfest from the number of German and Dutch stalls – still I’m going to have to go back and give some Currywurst a go and see if it’s as good here as it was in Germany.  Then it was back to the car stopping to get some Mulled Wine and Roasted Chesnuts on the way before heading home via Homebase.  Once home we got my parents started on the Wii that my Mum had been given for her birthday – me and my sister being completly thrashed at Bowling, before getting some dinner and watching the end of Strictly Come Dancing and half of the Merlin finale – half way through some friends of my parents arrived so we had to turn it off.  We had a nice chat with Dave and Jean, and a cup of tea, they then headed home and I checked iPlayer for the rest of Merlin – no sign – they’re getting really bad at updating that these days.  We watched the Armstrong and Miller show before checking iPlayer again to find no sign, so off to bed I went.


I’d stayed over with my parents Saturday night so got to have a nice relaxed start on Sunday morning.  Came downstairs and played Tennis and Mario Kart on the Wii with my sister for a bit, before taking some photos in the Garden, finishing wrapping a couple of presents, and then getting a couple of bits out of the attic.  We settled down for lunch which was followed by the second half of Merlin and getting my parents setup on their WiiFit board – whether they use this remains to be seen though was quite amusing watching them get their heads around the inital tests!  I then carried on getting some jobs done on the computer for my parents – mainly copying to some cds into a playlist for a party that they are going to be having and getting my bits packed up so that I could get home.  I got home and watched a bit of Frasier and then headed to bed.  Some photos of the weekend should be appearing on here soon but that’s more likely to be Monday.

And That Is The Week That Was…


One thought on “That Is The Week That Was…

  1. I hope this week is snow-less Alex, I was indoors for two days last week and it wasn’t fun! Hope things are a bit warmer for you as well – being cold is no fun!

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