That Is The Week That Was


Monday was a fairly standard day – I was back at work after all the joys of the snow the week before.  This involved a large amount of catching up with the previous weeks appointments so was a busy day before heading home for a chill and then bed.


Tuesday was bit of a calmer day in the office, had a nice amble at lunch before heading home, hitting the gym, and doing a brief bit of shopping at Asda before heading home, watching some TV and then Bed.


Wednesday was my brother’s graduation for his Masters Course held in Greenwich.  This meant that I had the day off and met up with my parents to drive up, collecting my sister on the way.  We got to Greenwich and found Nick in a local pub (The Brewery Bar – a really nice place) where it was discovered we were one ticket short to get into the ceremony.  I tried to blag my way in but this didn’t work, so I was faced with the choice of heading back to the pub, and having a wander around Greenwich looking at the sights – I took a lot of photos as you’ll see when the photo post goes up!  When the ceremony finished I met up with the others and we went out for dinner, before heading home, watching the Apprentice (who saw that ending coming?!) and then bed.


Well Thursday saw me heading into work, having the standard day, before heading home, racing around and heading out again to meet up with Keith and Ben for a curry.  We had a nice catch-up and a good curry (thoguh it was only Wetherspoons) before heading home – and you guessed it bed.


Friday was work as usual and we tried out a new noodle bar in Maidstone for lunch which was very tasty.  Then after work home and to the station to meet up with a friend who was coming down to stay the weekend.  We headed to the cinema to see Harry Potter and then home for a bit of a chill and some episodes of Frasier.  Then bed.


Saturday was a nice day – we went down to the Rochester Christmas fayre in the aftenroon and enjoyed some mulled wine and Currywurst – a good combination!  Then it was home for a couple of episodes of Frasier, before heading back to Rochester for a curry with my sister, and friend Michael at the Cumin Club which is a really nice curry restaurant.  We headed back after this gatecrashing my parents Cheese and Wine Party before heading home, some more Frasier and bed.


We went to church in the morning which was quite a good service though for a sung communion barely any of it was sung… After church we had a light lunch, chilled and I made a Sausage and Onion Plait.  We then went over to Maureen and Mike’s in the evening taking the aforementioned plait and had a lovely dinner with them.  After this we headed home, watched the Merlin finale and then bed.

Sorry it’s short this week – have left it rather last minute and am feeling exhausted….

And That is the week that was…


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