Photo Post – Snow 2 – Colchester

I was in Colchester this weekend when the snow hit – here’s some photos I took whilst out partially enjoying the snow mainly trying not to fall over.

Snow Covered SpireA Bad Sign...Snow Is FallingChristmas ShoppingChristmas TreesShopping In The SnowColchester ChurchChristmas LightsCastle GatesColchester CastleColchester Castle In The SnowColchester GatesWar MemorialCastle GatesCatle Park WalkwayWinter WonderlandLast Friendly HouseGateway DetailGateway CrestBlizzardStuck In The SnowCastle GatesWar MemorialSnow Covered SoldierStuck TrafficIcy ChainsYou Wait Ages For One Bus Then Five Come Along At Once...High Street LightsSnow Covered ColchesterEld LaneKeeping At ItWinterwonderlandBrain-StormingDay 128 - Let Us Sleigh!Day 128 Rejected - Snow Angels


One thought on “Photo Post – Snow 2 – Colchester

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