That Is The Week That Was

Monday was a day off just enjoying the local scenery and enjoying the festival atmosphere, my friend was still down so we chilled in the morning and then headed to Rochester in the afternoon. We had a nice lunch and I then dropped my friend at the station. I headed home, and then out again to the gym, before heading home and bed.

Tuesday was back to work in the normal manner, I discovered we’d had some major problems whilst I was away which meant it was a very busy day but we coped. After work I headed home and had a chilled evening, followed by bed.

Wednesday was another hectic day as most of 1st line were out of the office meaning that we were left looking after the phones. Still it meant that the day went fairly quickly though there isn’t much exciting to report. After work I headed home and had another chilled evening in watching tv and then the Apprentice – I thought that was a really good episode where at points I really felt for the candidates. I liked the firings and it’ll be interesting to see where this goes on Sunday in the finale. After the Apprentice I then headed off to bed.

Grrr just spent half an hour updating this for me phone to crash. Will have to come back again later and try and remember what I wrote!


Thursday was another chilled day as I only spent a half day in the office – I had to go at lunchtime to help fill in for a major celebrity who had a public appearance booked but couldn’t make it due to a large dealine approaching so I was asked to come along and fill in for this character – I thnk it went ok and the kids seemed to be amused by it all, I stuck around afterwards and helped tidy up before heading into town to get my present for the Office Secret Santa, before heading home, and watching a film called The Room – it’s generally haiiled as the worst film ever made – and in fairness was pretty terrible.  After this I cooked up a couple of Sausage plaits whist watching Dirk Gently and headed off to bed.


Friday was back to a normal day in the office, though it was quite good fun as we had our Secret Santa gifts handed out (I got a beer opening hammer- namely a claw hammer where the claw is a bottle opener not a claw!) and then headed home through the county lanes (not a great idea – I slipped and slid all over the place!) before diving out pretty much imnmediatly to head up to Colchester.  Fortunatly for me all the trains were running in a fantastic synchronisation so I got to each change with moments to wait before the  next part of the journey started meaning I got up there in a fast time with barely any waiting around.  I had a quick catch up with Tom, Cliff, Dan and Ali before guests started arriving for Toms Christmas do – this was a nice evening and very chilled, all in all good fun, but we were eventually forced to pack down the room and set out a sofa bed/sofa and sleep.


Saturday was a very lazy morning, spent chilling and discussing the weather – as snow was forcasted to be falling – this started about lunchtime and we had to head out into it after lunch to go and get some suits fitted for Dan’s wedding – this took alot less time than predicted as it was mainly c hosing the materials and the styles for the clothing and we will go back to be properly fitted closer to the time.  After this was wandered through town to the Castle pub where we stopped for a drink (and I dived out to take some photos).  We met up with the Phil(l)s and Laura there (amongst a couple of extra photo trips) and decided to head back into town and go to Sloppy Joes for some dinner.  It was amazing seeing how gummed out the town was – one bus driver we saw told us he hadn’t moved for the previous half hour – it’s worrying the effect that a bit of snow can have!  Well we went to Sloppy Joes, had some dinner, and then headed back to the Odd One Out near Toms (Stopping to help a couple of cars out on the hill here where they appeared to have got themselves somewhat stuck).  We had a nice couple of pints and then went back to Toms for a night-cap, a couple of episodes of Father Ted and bed.


Sunday was another lazy start, we got up, chilled and then cleaned the snow off Dans car.  We then had some leftovers for lunch and started heading off as Dan had agreed to drive Laura and myself home and to the Station respectivly.  It was a good drive – Dan’s quite a new driver but was very sensible in the snow – though there were a couple of times when we had to leap out to give the car a bit of a push once we’d got into the main roads these were somewhat clearer, easy to get around on.  He dropped me at the station where I was able to get a train to Stratford easily enough and then get the High Speed trains back from there – these seem to run no matter what’s thrown at them which is nice to see in the train service!  Once back in Chatham I waited for the bus that would get me home but it never materialised – though one that was going to the general area did, so I hopped on and asked the driver how close he was going to go to where I lived to figure out if it was easier to get this and walk, or just walk from where I was – turns out that this is the bus I’d been waiting for but due to the conditions of the roads didn’t want to do the final part of the journey so was going by a differnt route number.  Despite this the driver was very nice dropping me off at a good point (I don’t think there was a stop there) leaving me with a 30-45 minute walk home through the snow (snow is always harder to walk through than I remember!).  I got in ok and managed to say upright despite a couple of slips along the way, and then sorted out the photos of the weekend which I’m sure you’ve seen in the photo post here.  I then grabbed some dinner and went and watched the Apprentice finale – I thought this was a really good series but was disappointed by the winner – I’d have chosen differently from Alan Sugar but I guess I’m not the one handing out the jobs – and I’m sure the Runner-Up will recieve a pile of job offers following their performance.  When this finished I headed upstairs and bed thinking an early night would be a good idea for getting back to work.

And that is the week that was.


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