That Is The Week That Was


Monday was a chilled day. Went to work as normal, and then headed home for a chilled evening after the fun journey back the previous day. Can’t really remember anything of note to talk about on this day so will move onto…


Tuesday was another fairly chilled day – we’re getting to the Christmas lull so things are getting a bit more chilled now. Then after work I headed home for another fairly chilled evening. Tuesday was also fun because I got my new camera – you may have noticed the Project 365 photos looking a bit nicer (at least hopefully!). I had a couple of attempts with it that evening though it’s obviously going to take a while to used to all the settings.


Wednesday was work as usual before heading home, to have some food and I then headed out to pick up my sister and to go and see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 for the third time – I must admit I was feeling a bit dozy so might have had a nap over parts of the film. Afterwards I managed to amuse my sister when I dropped her off at my parents by getting out of the car and disappearing! I basically slipped on a patch of ice and went down very quickly but apparantly very quietly too… This meant that whilst I was trying to stand up I just heard this voice asking me where I was – not my greatest moment!


Thursday was the last day of work so a bit more of a party atmosphere. I had a nice wander into town with Chris for last minute shopping – going into HMV was like entering a war-zone! After fighting through the crowds we grabbed the last Chunkys Christmas Special before heading back to the office for the last couple of hours. We finished early and I headed home quickly to grab a couple of bits before heading back into town for our team Christmas do. We were going to the Hilton which was actually a bit disappointing – the food was ok but nothing special and this was then followed by two comedians – one of whom gave the definitive example of dieing on your arse. The other comedian was better but seemed to be trying to be as offensive as possible – still he appeared to go after everyone which makes it harder to get offended… After this there was a bit of a disco but we sat in the bar enjoying some drinks and having a natter instead. Unfortunately all too early the night finished and it was time to head home and to bed…

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve wasn’t the nicest day – I woke up to find my cold had decided to take on Flu symptoms which left me feeling grotty and slow all day. Shaun came over lunchtime and we watched Tron and Gremlins – two films he hadn’t seen before. I absolutely love how darkly funny Gremlins is – if you haven’t seen it I strongly recommend it! After Shaun left I had a little nap and did a bit of cooking to make my Gran a Cottage Pie for her Christmas Present – last year I made her a lasagne she could re-heat. This went down really well so it seemed stupid to break a winning formula! I then headed over to my parents for a traditional Christmas Eve fondue (we have one every year) with my sister and brother. After this I chilled a bit and then headed to bed.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was a nice day – had a bit of a lie-in and then a hot lemon to help my throat… We then helped to get everything ready for lunch and played on the Wii for a bit waiting for the family to arrive. They arrived and we had a nice big lunch with a film trivia quiz being run between the courses – I got the nickname of Hermione throughout this as I knew the answer to pretty much every question and at the end of the meal won – not really a surprise! We then sat down and had some presents before watching the Dr Who Christmas Special which was really good – I loved the Faerietale feel to it, and also really admire Stephen Moffats ability to make a story feel really epic yet also really small and personal at the same time – a fantastic festive treat – this was then followed by the Strictly Come Dancing Special – which was nice, but I preferred the Dr Who! After this we had a bit of food and then got on with a variation of the Generation Game – I don’t know if you remember this show but it involved relations being given challenges by various experts that they had to complete within a timelimit. This lead to various general knowledge rounds (thanks to Dan for constantly going on about the theme song to CSI a few years ago – you won us that one!) and practical rounds as well – including wiring a plug, decorating a Yule log, and making a ballgown out of newspaper – it was all good fun but we were Knackered by the end of the evening. We had a few more cakes, said goodbye to the relations and they headed home whilst we headed to bed.

Boxing Day

Boxing day was another fairly chilled day – I dived back to my house to grab the Cottage Pie I’d made my Gran for Christmas and then headed back to my parents from which we went out to lunch in Pease Pottage – this was a really nice lunch at a pub we’ve been to several times before – it always provides good food. We then had a drive through some of the country lanes before coming home and watching the new Matt Lucas/David Walliams show Come Fly With Me – it was ok but not great – I think it would’ve been better if the show Airport it’s obviously based on had been shown in the recent years rather than the start of the decade. I then read a bit whilst everyone else watched Agatha Christie and then played on the Wii – not a bad day. Followed by bed.

And that is the week that was.


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