Quiz of the Decade – The Answers

Here’s the answers to the Quiz of the Decade – if you missed the original you can find it here.  How did you do?  Top scorer in the office got 38 out of 55.

Which swords and sandals epic won the Oscar for Best Picture? Gladiator
  Which music star attended the opening of a Arts Centre at Dartford Grammar School in 2000? (The Centre is named after the star) Mick Jagger
  Which reality TV Show debuted in the UK in this year? Big Brother
  In this year one of the best selling console of all time was launched.  It recently was shown to have sold 147 Million units – but which console is it? Playstation 2
  In this year where were the Olympics held? Sydney Australia
  This year saw the start of two film series based on best selling novels – which ones? Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter
  Which British 4-part Girl-band split up this year, rejoining as a 5-part for a reunion tour in 2007? Spice Girls
  Which real-time action series first aired this year? 24
  A Famous Encyclopaedia was first launched in this year – which one? Wikipedia
  Who won the Ashes 4-1? Australia
  This year saw the 20th anniversary release of which classic family Sci-Fi film? ET
  Which dead music star had a single remixed this year giving their 33rd Number 1 single? Elvis Presley
  I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here aired for the first time this year but who won the first series? Tony Blackburn
  What does the year 2002 share in common with the year 1991? The number is a palindrome (same forwards as it is backwards)
  Who won the F1 Championship in 2002? Michael Schumacher
  This year saw two cinema icons take each other on – but which icons? Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees
  Who caused controversy by kissing Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the MTV Video Music Awards? Madonna
  Which TV Soap finished after 21 years on the air? Brookside
  The Police used which weapon for the first time in this year? A Taser
  Which cyclist won the Tour de France? Lance Armstrong
In total how many Oscars did Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King win at the 76th Academy awards? 11
Who won the BBC Sound of 2004 poll? Keane
Which Drama Serial regarding plane crash survivors started in September this year? Lost
Who was dismissed as editor of the Daily Mirror after the paper published Fake Iraq Torture Pictures Piers Morgan
In this year Middlesborough FC won their first trophy in how many years? 128
Which comic-book hero was successfully re-launched this year, leading too at least 2 additional sequels? Batman in Batman Begins
Which concerts were held worldwide? Live 8
What show did the BBC broadcast leading to least 45,000 complaints? Jerry Springer the Opera
Which Controversial bill was pushed through the House of Commons on it’s Third reading? Identity Cards
Which former Footballer died of Multiple Organ Failure aged 59? George Best
Who made their debut as the new James Bond this year? Daniel Craig
In this year the “Speed of Sound” by Coldplay was the one thousandth, millionth, billionth or trillionth song downloaded from iTunes? 1 Billionth
Top Gear Presenter Richard Hammond was involved in a high speed crash whilst driving a dragster -but what speed was he going when he crashed 258mph, 268mph, 278mph, 288mph or 298mph? 288mph
The first UK case of what was found in Cellardyke, Fife, Scotland in April this year? Avian Flu – in a Dead Swan
Who won the 112th Six Nations Championship? France
In terms of Films what was the summer of 2007 known as? The Summer of Threequels
Where was the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest held? Helsinki, Finland
The final edition of which TV Sports show was aired this year after nearly 50 years on the air? Grandstand
Which Ban is brought into force across England? Smoking Ban
Venus Williams won Wimbledon in 2007 as the lowest seeded champion – what was her seeding 14, 17, 20, 23, 25? 23
What was the highest grossing film of 2008? The Dark Knight
Where was the Radio 1 Big Weekend held? Mote Park, Maidstone
In the UK the BBC stopped showing Neighbours – but for how many years had this been airing on the BBC? 22 Years
What title did Liverpool receive this year? European City of Culture
Bejing hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics -but in which year did they successfully win this opportunity? 2001
The first 3D stop-motion film was released this year – but which one was it? Coraline
Who became the first female artist in British Chart history to get achieve three number 1 singles in one year? Lady Gaga
Which news/information service was turned off after 35 years of active service? Teletext
Which political leader made their first appearance on Questiontime this year, but was so unsatisfied with the experience they made a complaint following it? Nick Griffin
Which Britain won the Formula One Drivers Championship? Jenson Button
2010 saw a large number of films being released in 3D – but which film was planned to be released in 3D but on release was only available in 2D? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
In November which groups back catalogue was added to the iTunes music store? The Beatles
Which Soap celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a live episode? Coronation Street
138 Year Old Hastings Pier was seriously damaged by what this year? Fire
How many votes did the England World Cup bid get? 2

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