That Is The Week That Was


It was nice to have the day off on Monday following the excitment on Christmas the days before.  I had a chilled morning, getting dropped back at my house by my parents where I got caught up with some of the odd jobs I needed to get done before diving out to town with Michael to pick up a camera bag I had ordered.  We went back to his for a quick cup of tea and I then headed home for a quiet evening before the manicness of the latter part of the week.


Tuesday was another Bank Holiday so we took advantage of it with Shaun, Michael and myself heading up to London and going to the IMAX cinema to see Tron Legacy.  We had a good trip to the cinema and it was an entertaining film, though I’m still not sure if I thought it was any good or not, or if I’d want to see it again.  We then stopped off at Pizza Hut (I blame George Lucas for me always wanting to type that as Hutt…) and then headed back home.  Fortunatly as we’d gone for an earlier showing we arrived back with plenty of time so I got some odd cleaning jobs done around the house and then started laying out the kitchen for the New Years Kettling (read party) that I was due to hold at the end of the week.  I got the kitchen pretty much sorted and then headed to bed to sleep well before work the next day.


Wednesday saw a return to a really quiet office – the three days between Christmas and New Year are never normally that busy and this wasn’t an exception – we did as much as we could but did end up having some long lunches as a way to pass the time.  On Wednesday I had a nice wander into town with Chris, Shaun and John getting a Cornish Pasty for lunch before heading back to the office.  After work I headed home, grabbed a bit of food to eat then went to my parents to borrow some airbeds and other bits for the New Years Kettling, before heading to Asda to stock up on some food for the party.   I dragged this all home and then pretty much immediatly headed to bed.


Thursday was another quiet day at work, at lunch we all headed out to Burger King for a nice unhealthy lunch. This lead to a long afternoon where everyone wanted to have a sleep but we got through it in the end.  I headed home as soon as I could and did a last minute clean for the party and got the main beds sorted, and pumped a couple of the airbeds in preparation, before heading out back to town to meet Keith and Ben for a curry.  Unfortunatly our local Wetherspoons didn’t appear to have any curry in so I ended up having a mixed grill but it was still nice to catch up with them before heading home to more odd jobs and bed.

New Years Eve

Depsite it being New Years Eve, Friday was another day down at the office.  It was a long day that really dragged but we enlivened things by getting a bacon sandwich for breakfast.  This meant that at lunch all I had to do was a quick trip into town to get a shower cap.  Work finally finished (we had barely anything to do in that afternoon) and I headed home, to meet with Dan, Ali and Claire who had all arrived before me.  We got the house decorated for the party and got some mulled wine made etc – I really really like mulled wine!  Then people started to arrive with the Phil(l)s arriving with Anne-Marie in tow, and Sarah arriving shortly after.  We had a nice chat and a generally nice evening, through unfortunatly the Phil(l)s had to leave early.  At the stroke of midnight we all gathered outside the house to let off a super party popper which apparantly needed 32 feet of height clearance to be let off, drink some Champagne and to sing Old Lang Syne.  I also had a box of random fireworks which we set off (these had been kept back quite a while as we were worried about how much a bang they were going to make) though they were rather disappointing, not really giving much of a show.  We then headed back inside, people said their goodbyes and everyone who was staying headed off to bed.

New Years Day

We had a nice late start on New Years Day – partially needed after the fun and games of the night before.  When I got up the first job was to tidy up somewhat to find some clear surfaces – the kitchen was in a bit of a mess but after 15 minutes was practially spotless so that wasn’t too bad.  We then quickly did the washing up and made a round of Bacon sarnies.  Everyone except Dan and Ali took their leave so we chilled, watching the end half of the Bee Movie on the BBC (not that good from what I could tell — though a couple of very very funny jokes) and then watching the A-Team as Dan and Ali hadn’t seen this (a very good film mini-review here).  They then had to head off, so I watched some TV, had a quick chat with Tom & Cliff, before heading off to bed.


Another lazy day, I had a bit of a lazy lie-in and finished off my book.  I then got on getting some other jobs sorted out around the house, and had a chilled afternoon watching some TV and having a little nap.  In the evening there was a powercut for half an hour which was an annoyance but soon passed – I mainly spent the time chatting on Twitter and making some sandwiches for dinner – not so easy to do by torchlight!  When the power came back on I watched the BBCs new detective drama series Zen – it was a bit strange, considering the characters are supposed to be Italians, living in Italy, they all speak with very strong British accents (his boss is very very northen for example).  I’m not sure if this is intended as the actors couldn’t get the accent, or a stylisic thing, or just to appease the audience it just made it  very strange to watch.  Still it was interesting enough – the style of it felt very 60s, and it’s going to be interesting how it develops over the remaining two episodes.  After that I went to upload my Project 365 photo to find that the camera memory had corrupted, meaning that I had to dive downstairs and re-take it – fortunatly it didn’t take long to setup in the first case.  I uploaded this and then headed to bed.

And that is the week that was.

PS – To the person who I mentioned backdating posts too at a point this week (you know who you are!) this is one of them – I honestly haven’t uploaded this at 23:55…


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