Project 365 Day 145 – Mistletoe

Day 145 – Mistletoe

Originally uploaded by ajwalters

Christmas is almost over now – but Wall-E is taking one last chance at Eva with the mistletoe. Good luck mate!

I think photo really shows how effective it can be to get your white balence settings right – it’s been taken at the same time/place as the other recent photos but as you can see the colours have come out much better without that kind of yellow shade to it all. I was recommended a really good cheat today by Tim – the person who got me into Project 365 – you can set the camera to do have a custom white balence level based on a photo – so I took a photo of a sheet of white A4 paper and set the custom white balence to show that as white – result is a much better coloured photo! Woo-hoo!

5 thoughts on “Project 365 Day 145 – Mistletoe

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  2. Erm? setting the white balance isn’t ‘cheating’, more like
    the basics. Don’t alter it otherwise and you get your yellow
    lighting recorded in the picture.

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