That Is The Week That Was


Ah, the last bank holiday of the season.  This was spent once again as a rather lazy day.  I lazed around the house in the morning, getting a couple of odd jobs done, and then having a bacon sandwich for lunch to use up some of the leftovers from New Year.  After lunch I headed over to Sittingbourne to go and see my God-son and his mum – he’d been given an Xbox 360 for Christmas and wanted some help in getting setup on Xbox Live.  This was fairly simple as it just needed a router to be setup and then the Xbox connecting to the network I created for them.  I also added some basic security bits so hopefully it should keep it all secure.  I then headed home calling in at my parents on the way to drop off some Wii Remotes that I had borrowed from them.  I was asked to stick around a bit to help my dad setup his new toy – a DVD recorder so helped him out with this and then called in at the chip shop for some dinner on my way back.  I got home and watching some Classic Dr Who on DVD (the Tom Baker era), before taking the days Project 365 photo (here) whilst watching Miranda Hart’s Unwrapped review of the year which was reasonably amusing.  When this finished I took out the bins and went to bed.


Tuesday started off being a very long and very tiring day. It was the first day back after the Christmas Holidays which meant we had the traditional rush of password resets and if I’m honest I just didn’t really feel that awake. This seemed to stick with me for most of the day despite everything I tried including multiple cups of tea. Fortunately I managed to wake up a bit when I got home and a 10 minute catnap listening to some music. I grabbed some dinner and then headed out with Michael to the Palace of Pain (AKA the Gym). It’s been a while since I was able to get down there due to bad weather conditions, and then all the Christmas festivities and I was quite relieved to find that this hasn’t had a hugely bad effect. I carried on trying to push myself a bit more than I normally would trying to push out my limits somewhat and was glad to get a full unbroken swim in the pool (I normally do 30 lengths, but was expecting to have to break every 10 as it’s been a while since I went…). We then headed home and Michael called in for a quick cup of tea at which point I discovered I’d managed to wipe my calendar – which is rather annoying, most of it I’ve been able to recover but there’s still a few birthdays etc that I need to dig out and re-add – hopefully should be able to find those out over the up-coming weeks. I then took the Project photo and started to head up to bed getting caught up in a long conversation with Shaun about some of the plot points in Battlestar Galactica – he’s on the third season approaching a major twist, and he knows he’s approaching this twist so it’s quite amusing watching him try and guess what’s coming leaping through various knots of logic upon the way. After this I headed off to bed trying to catch up on a bit of sleep before an early start the next day.


I did manage to get a reasonably good start on Wednesday despite having a later night than intended. Then again it was still a bit of a rush to get into work, mainly thanks to a lorry getting itself into the tiny country lanes I drive to work through – this is a guaranteed hold-up in general as the rest of the road traffic tries to navigate around the vehicle that’s much too large for the roads anyways, and I had the mis-fortune of encountering it at one of the tightest points. Still I was lucky that there was a drive way entrance that I could pull into that enabled the lorry to get past and for me to continue on my way, but it still meant I missed the early bus I was aiming for. In the office I was covering the Duty Manager shift for the morning which was fairly quiet except for one Major Incident caused by a power cut – this was still only a panic for 10 minutes or so. When I got off shift I met up with Chris for lunch and we had a wander into town mainly only going to Tescos grabbing some sarnies and heading back to the office. The afternoon was a short one thanks to the Duty Shift giving a later lunch and after work I headed out to go to the sorting office to pick up a package they’d been unable to get through the letterbox. Unfortunately I’d left my wallet with my ID in at home so I had to dive by there to grab that and then go on to the Sorting Office – fortunately for me it was their late opening night so I had plenty of time for this detour. I grabbed my parcel and headed home. Once home I had a quick look at the Tripod I’d brought (the contents of the parcel) and then got some dinner and watched some TV. I decided to use some techniques I’d been recommended by Tim (the guy who got me into Project 365) for the days photo so got out the Tripod allowing me to up the ISO on the camera as I could take a longer exposure (the tripod holds the camera steady) and I also played with the white balance settings – creating a custom setup using a sheet of white A4 paper – I think the results have come out really well as you can see here. The photo looks much clearer and the colours are much more naturally – none of the strange yellow that seemed to be filling the other photos I took recently. After I’d taken this photo I was feeling rather knackered so heading off to bed.


Thursday was a bit of a bad start I just found myself feeling so exhausted I was ignoring my alarm and almost drifting back to sleep.  I dragged myself out of bed and got myself ready though got into the office a lot later than I expected to be.  I’m hoping to get a much earlier night tonight and have a quieter weekend – am thinking about disconnecting myself from the world for Saturday evening so I can get a good rest and hopefully come back to work next week feeling a bit better.  Work itself was nice as Matt is back from his holidays and he came carrying M&Ms which has enabled me to re-stock the cupboards which were beginning to get a bit bare.  I think I had a reasonably successful day managing to get several calls done despite the really bad start and time did seem to fly through the morning.  For lunch I had a quick wander into town with Chris and then headed back to the rest area to sit and chat with Shaun as well – as noted previously he’s very easy to wind-up at the moment which is quite good fun.  The afternoon was a long one but I was able to find bits to get done and had a nice chat with Julie on the bus home.  Unfortunately the rest of the journey wasn’t so good taking over an hour for a 10 minute drive.  I managed to get stuck in a very big queue of traffic which was barely moving at points – the annoying thing is that no-one seemed to know why it was there – the traffic report had nothing to say except that going was slow, and by the time I got to the point where I think the problem was the traffic was flowing slightly more freely and a police car had passed going on the other way.  I managed to eventually get home grabbed some food and then headed out with Michael to go to the gym.  I only did a half workout really – using the machines in the gym itself but skipping the pool – this was partially because we were both pretty tired and partially due to it coming to the closing time of the gym.  We then headed up to a local village where I was able to get a nice photo of one of the main roads leading into the area you can see it here.  Before heading back to Michaels for a quick cup of tea and a chat before heading home and pretty much straight to bed.


I purposefully had a bit of a later start on Friday as I knew that I was going to be on the late Duty Shift so thought that I’d go for a bit of a lie in.  I had a good journey into work and then a busy morning getting caught up with calls.  Lunch was a quieter affair than usual – partially as I’d agreed to help do some comparison shots for Tim so he could test his new camera and some settings on those, and partially because of calls getting me caught in the office meaning I had to be back to make a phone call before going onto Duty.  The afternoon was very quiet with nothing really going down – which is both a good thing and a bad thing when you work in IT Support! Though to liven things up I brought in some Marmite infused Chocolate that I had been given over Christmas – I’m not making this up!  Whenever I encounter a new and interesting chocolate I like to bring it into the office to share and around and this was no exception though it was mainly greeted with shouts of “It’s so wrong!” and “How could you eat this?”.  I must admit with my first taste it wasn’t so great – but it did kinda grow on you after you’d had a couple more pieces.  Still I’m not going to go out of my way to buy any in the shops – think I’ll just stick with my Chilli and chocolate!  After work I dived straight to Walderslade and picked up my friend Claire as we were going to go to the cinema.  I picked her up from her house and we dived over to Strood where the local cinema is, grabbed some tickets and a McDonalds for dinner.  The film we decided to see in the end was Love, and Other Drugs – and I’ve written up some more thoughts on it here.  It was a nice film and if you get the chance to see it I’d recommend it – wasn’t quite what I was expecting from the trailers.  After the film I dropped Claire home, and came home myself.  I watched TV for bit continuing  my quest to watch every episode of Dr Who in order – I’ve not managed to reach the Peter Davidson years but it’s taken a while to get there!  After a couple of episodes I was falling asleep on the sofa so decided that it was time for bed.


Saturday was another quiet day – though I had to drag myself out of bed first thing in the morning to get into town to go to the sorting office as Royal Mail had kindly put a red card through my door rather than leaving the package in the bin cupboard outside the house – I wouldn’t have minded if they’d done that – in fact it makes my life alot easier as I check the cupboard daily when expecting packages anyway!  Still I wasn’t able to get up to the office after work on Friday so headed off on Saturday morning which probably wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had as the traffic was manic.  Still I managed to work my way around to the various one way systems and headed into the Sorting Office to find a huge queue of like minded individuals wanting to collect parcels.  This all moved fairly quickly so I was in an out within 15 minutes and then heading home.  I got in and was making a small omelette for lunch (I blame the Lurpack advert at the cinema the night before for putting me in an omlettey mood) when my parents called over to look at a TV table they might be borrowing off me, and to check how the new cushions they gave me over Christmas look on the sofa.  They only called in and out so I settled down with my Omelette to watch some more TV.  I Waded through some more Dr Who and watched some older episodes of Charlie’ Brookers Screenwipe/Gamewipe as well.  This continued on into the evening though to ensure I was disturbed I disconnected the phone, turned off the router, and put my mobile into airport mode of a night – I like to do this occasionally just to get an evening’s peace to myself – if anyone wants to contact me desperately they know where I live, otherwise I can have a quiet time which is guaranteed not to be disturbed which can be appreciated when life is busy!  So I watched a bit more TV, had some pasta for tea and headed to bed.


Zoe's Turkey RingSunday was a busier day than I expected it to be.  I had a bit of a late start racing over to my parents where my sister had made a Turkey ring using the last of the left over turkey from Christmas.  This (as always) tasted fantastic and a lovely lunch.  After lunch my sister took her revenge and got me playing Dancing on Broadway with her on the Wii – this is something I think it’s safe that say that I approach energetically but with no skill whatsoever.  This provided much amusement to my parents and my sister, and I got quite a good workout of it (and apparently my Bend and Snap was much too well practiced – bonus points if you can name the musical!).  Zoe's Turkey Ring - Cross-sectionAfter this me and my Dad loaded up the car with some old chairs that were destined for the tip, but just as we were about to leave my Mum got a phone call so I ended up on back on the Wii attempting (and failing) to do more dancing (actually I tell a lie – I beat my sister on one song.  Not sure how).  We eventually gave up waiting for my Mum (who was supposed to be coming to Homebase after the tip) and took the chairs to the tip and dropped them off – always satisfying causing wanton destruction – and then headed back to my parents.   They then went out to Homebase leaving me and my sister playing on the Wii a  bit more, before the parents returning and me helping to move some boxes and bits up into the attic – all in all a slightly more physical afternoon than I expected.  After the boxes were in the attic I headed home and watching a bit more of the good old Dr Who, made some dinner, then enjoyed an episode of Caprica (which unfortunately now it’s been cancelled appears to be getting good…) and an episode of Screenwipe before settling down to Zen – once again enjoying the range of different Italian accents we see – I’m sure there was an Australian Italian this week.  After Zen I headed upstairs uploaded this weeks photo and headed to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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