Day 153 - Tag! Some of you may have noticed that yesterdays Project 365 photo got posted onto Twitter a couple of times last night, with one of them being posted towards @Dailyshoot with a hashtag. This is because this is an interesting new site that I’ve been recommended by Tim (the person who got me into Project 365) which is all about taking a photo every day – however they provide a different theme daily, and everyone takes a photo which matches the theme. Yesterdays was:

“Illustrate one of the various meanings of the word tag today in a photograph.”

And I’m hoping that the photo I took shows that in some form whilst staying true to the other aspects of Project 365 I’m doing as well. So if your interested in photography, but don’t think you have the time for a full Project 365 then you might want to have a look at Dailyshoot.com and see whether this works for you in providing some inspiration/ideas.
The other advantage of this is that you get thousands of people around the world taking photos on the same theme. This is very similar to what myself and Phill did around Christmas where we were using the lyrics of the song Merry Christmas Everyone as themes for our photos, both taking the same line but providing (at times widely different) interpretations of it. This is one of the most interesting aspects of photography for me that I would like to explorer further – if you get one theme how do people see/interpret it compared to myself – I’ve got some more ideas on how to explore this but their at a very very early stage. More is likely to come later this year.


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