That Is The Week That Was

One of my new years resolutions was to try and get these posts written a bit more soon after the events that are described rather than the Sunday evening I was due to post them and it seems to be going ok at the moment.  The ideal aim is for these posts to be a more daily style diary entry (despite the fact that they will still only be published once a week so I don’t completely spam you what with Project 365 being posted daily as well).  Anyway on with the week.


I had quite a good early start – getting to work in a good time though still being slightly delayed on route meaning I didn’t quite arrive at the time I wanted too.    Still it wasn’t too bad a day getting on with getting quite a few calls closed.  Though there will still some of those annoying problems that I’ve not been able to get a fix for that look like they’re going to remain ongoing issues.  For lunch I headed into town with Chris and John to grab some rolls from Tesco and quick hunt through the Blockbuster sale before heading back to the office for some Covent Garden Chicken, Lemon, and Tarragon – this was a really nice soup, going well with some fresh crispy rolls from Tesco (I like crispy rolls!).  I left work as early as I could as I needed to get home and do some brief tidying as I was going to be moving some furniture around that evening.  I got home in good time and managed to remember to park out the front of the house rather than behind, dived in watched a brief bit of TV and then grabbed a sandwich for dinner.  I then cleared up the sofa in the living room and Michael arrived to help me to swop it with the one that’s been residing in the garage (though I also introduced him to the Addict-a-ball with the foreseeable effect of him being unable to put it down).  Between the two of us we removed one of the fence panels, and moved the existing sofa out to the front of the garage.  We got the other sofa and new armchair from the garage and into the house, before moving the old sofa and chair in to the garage whilst waiting for my Dad to arrive who was going to drive them round to my parents to store in one of their spare rooms.  We loaded up his car and followed on, and then had a fun half hour trying to get the sofa into the house – unfortunately this was too large to get round the corner into the room where it was supposed to be stored so we had to give up, load it back into the car and take it back to my garage where it will reside until I can get rid of it – anyone want a sofa?  As Homebase was closed by this time I wasn’t able to cover it but have chalked that up as a job for Tuesday.  Michael came in for a hot drink and we watched a show called Only Connect on BBC4 – this was scarily clever – managed to get about 1 answer throughout the whole thing – really not sure how the teams on the show managed it, and after this Michael headed home and I watched a bit of Dr Who before heading upstairs and to bed.


Tuesday was a bit of a more of a long day.  I managed to have a later start as I was covering the late Duty Manager shift in the office so didn’t really need to aim to be in that early.  Once I got in to work I got on with picking up calls and getting these fixed as usual – I’m hopefully on a bit of a roll getting a couple of my more long going problems fixed, but at the same time picking up a couple more calls that could also be long-going ones due to their sheer awkwardness.  At lunch I headed over the road with Simon as we had the monthly meeting of our staff Christian group.  This was really good looking at what we would like to see happen in this year within the council especially as we are facing some fairly hefty cuts over the next couple of years, and then it was back to the office for some Chicken, Lemon and Tarragon soup and to cover the Duty shift for the afternoon.  This was a long shift as there wasn’t that much to do this afternoon – everything seemed to keep running so I was sitting there getting on with odd jobs and bits and bobs which just lead to the feeling of a slightly less structured afternoon.  After work I got the bus back to the park and ride with Chris, discussing some of the plans for Dans stag-do which is coming up in April – I booked some tickets for it on Tuesday but can’t say what for as he doesn’t know yet – still he’s given the suggestion of a couple of fun tricks we can play on him which should make it even more fun.  I then headed home, grabbed some pasta for dinner and watched the first episode of new BBC comedy “Episodes” – I thought that this was rather amusing and it’ll be interesting to see how the series develops.  After dinner I headed out to the gym and had a really good workout – watching the calories I burnt on the machines, I basically negated the calories I’d eaten at lunch that day which I think is pretty good.  When I came to weigh myself there wasn’t much change in weight but that could be down to having eaten dinner before going so I need to weigh again before dinner to see if that changes anything.  I then had a good swim in the pool getting my 30 lengths done quite easily before drying off and heading home.  Once in I watched a bit of Dr Who continuing my march through before heading upstairs and to bed.


I managed to get a good nights sleep on Tuesday night – probably as a side effect of having such a good workout the night before.  Still I wasn’t able to get into the office in the best time due to queues getting into Maidstone due a car that had somehow parked itself up onto a roundabout.  Car parked on roundabout.  Nobody seemed to have been hurt but the police were there controlling traffic which was slowing things down somewhat.  We’re not quite sure how this car managed to get where it was – the winning assumption we’ve come up with was that it swerved and couldn’t stop – you could see where it went up and this wasn’t on any of the entrance roads of the roundabout  ruling out a problem stopping.  As this roundabout is near the entrance of the Park and Ride carpark it naturally sent the delays down the line meaning that the buses were also delayed which then in turn delayed my journey into the office.  Sometimes you just can’t win no matter how early you leave.  Once I got into the office I had another good day – getting lots of calls closed and have a nice wander into town with Chris at lunch time.  I needed to get some polythene ground sheets to cover the sofa which I’m currently storing in the garage and was fortunately able to find some of these in Wilkinson’s, so after work I headed straight home, got changed and started getting the sofa and arm chair covered.  It didn’t seem a good idea to keep the cushions in the garage so I removed all of these and popped them in my car (which I was using to light up the garage to allow me to see what I was doing) and then got covering – this was surprisingly easier than I expected it to be though it still took a good half hour and used up the remains of my roll of gaffer tape.  I then moved the cushions inside and ate the sandwich I’d got for tea quickly before Shaun turned up. We had to sit and wait a for 5-10 minutes for Michael and then drove off down to Ashford to go to the cinema.  We met up with John at the cinema and arrived just in time to get our tickets and see the film – It’s Kind Of A Funny Story – it was a really really good film and I’ve written up some more thoughts which should be available here.  After this we drove back and all went our separate ways.  I watched a bit of TV before heading upstairs and then bed.


I headed into work a little later on Thursday as it was supposed to be the day of the first meeting of the office camera club.  The journey is was a lot less eventful than the day before and I think I had a good morning on the calls – getting my queue practically empty meaning I had to pick up some more calls from the queue which is always a good position to be in.  For lunch it was our monthly Burger King trip so I headed out into town with Shaun, John, Chris W, Chris S and we headed down the local Burger King for a nice lunch and a good laugh (though I was disappointed by the salad they put in – not enough Onion!).  We headed back to the office where I had a bit of a play with our appraisal form – this has been the same since I started here and I know this because every year it’s sent out talking about the range “08/09”.  Well I had a look and wrote a couple of field codes so that this should automatically update itself to “Current Year-1/Current Year” and added some general tidy ups – I’ve got a couple of people testing it and will then forward on to my manager to hopefully provide some use.  After work I was supposed to be meeting with some other people form the office to start up a bit of a photography club within the office but due to over half the people who were supposed to be coming being unable to make it we decided to cancel and meet up in February instead, so I headed home, got some food sorted and watched a bit of TV before heading out to the gym.  This was a bit of a harder workout than last time – I’m guessing because I was tireder later in the week and due to the time I got there and the time the gym was closing I had to drop the swim from my routine – still I think it was a good workout and is obviously having an effect – I was walking around in my jeans without a belt and found that if I didn’t hitch them up every 30 seconds they would completely fall down around my ankles – don’t worry I tried this at home!  After the gym, I headed home and had a cup of tea whilst sorting out that days Project 365 photo.  This was a slightly trickier one to do as I had to balance Wall-E for the pose to work, but at the same time keep the thing he was balanced on hidden (in this case a tea-light candle and a bottle cap…)  I tried a variety of different ways of doing this but found one that I think worked out quite well – it certainly seems a dynamic photo which fits into the theme I was going for – its online here.  After I’d got this taken I headed upstairs and straight to bed.


Friday was another early start as I was covering the Duty Manager desk for the morning.  Still I had a reasonably good journey into work and managed to get in there, for a rather uneventful morning.  Still it was nice to get to chat with some colleagues that I don’t normally get to talk too just due to the way our desks are positioned, and it wasn’t that strenuous a morning, allowing me to get my appraisal completed for the target setting session I’m due on Monday.  At lunchtime I had a wander round town with Chris, John and Shaun as they were all looking for a new game to buy, before heading back to the office for my portion of soup.  In the afternoon we were covering phones for First Line as they had their team meeting, but this wasn’t hugely busy and I managed to get a few more calls sorted out and closed by the end of the day and home time.  I had a good journey home and then a chilled evening where I sat and mainly watched TV.  Nothing really exciting to report I’m afraid.  After a bit of TV I went to bed ready for an early start on Saturday.


Saturday was an early start giving up my normal Saturday lie-in to go to the gym with Michael.  We got there for 9 and had a good workout with just one other person sharing the gym with us, before going for a swim in a gorgeously warm pool (though the water always seems thicker when it’s warmer) and then heading down to Asda to grab some supplies.  We headed back to mine via Michaels and then made some bacon sarnies and watched an episode of Father Ted, followed by some Dr Who whilst waiting for Shaun to arrive.  Shaun eventually arrived and we all drove down to Ashford where we went over to Johns and met up with him, Oli, & Rikku for an afternoon of gaming.  Chris had also arrived before we got there and we had a good time going through a variety of console games some old and some new.  We had a gorgeous chicken curry for dinner and then after this tried out a card game called Gloom where you have to try and make bad stuff happen to your characters, whilst at the same time making good stuff happen to your opponents – it was quite amusing.  After the game we settled down to watch Robocop which myself and Shaun had never seen which was a good fun 80s film, before heading back home and in my case at least, to bed.


Sunday was a slightly more chilled day that the Saturday before.  I was over at my parents again for lunch – this time taking over an old TV table to replace their existing one.  I’d agreed to sort this out for them so after a nice lunch of lamb kebabs with mashed potato, beans and sweetcorn I set about dismantling the old TV setup and figuring out how to put this all together.  One of the things I wanted to do was to clear up the back and try and prevent it becoming a mass on tangled wires, so I added the devices into the new cabinet one at a time and made sure that the excess of the cables was taped to the back of the cabinet keeping it slightly more ordered and controlled.  It should hopefully work and certainly made that corner look alot better – I just hope my parents don’t decide to re-arrange everything again soon!  I then headed home for a chilled evening once again watching some Telly.   I worked through some more Dr Who and had a quick chat with Kev before watching the final part of Zen on the BBC.  After this finished I sorted out the bins and headed up to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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