Brussels Sprouts

It’s a bit of a random title for a post today but this is a summary of the thoughts I was having in a discussion with a friend of the weekend.  We were going to the evening church service together and they apologised to me as the preacher was going to be one that I had previously expressed a dislike too.  “Don’t worry” I said turning to my friend, “I try and think of everything in the terms of Brussels Sprouts”, which resulted in some confused looks and me needing to explain further as below.

Ever since I was little I haven’t liked Brussels Sprouts.  They just haven’t worked for me, as a child I found them absolutely disgusting and had to be forced to add one to my plate when they turned up on Sunday Lunchtime (fortunately this was only normally only around Christmas).  However, as I got older I found my attitude changing.  Instead of trying to hide the sprouts under so left over mash potato I started trying to eat the Sprouts, to tolerate them and eat them as they appeared on my plate – and guess what?  They weren’t as bad as I remember them being.  Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not going to go out of my way to eat sprouts – I’m far from that, but if they end up on my plate they are going to get eaten (as long as there’s not too many) and that’s the point I was trying to illustrate.

I could’ve sat back and carried on trying to hide my Brussels Sprouts beneath my mashed potato, my life would’ve carried on as normal and that would’ve been that.  But by making that choice to re-visit them, to see if the taste was as bad as I remembered it opened new doors and possibilities – I discovered they weren’t as bad as I remembered, so does this mean Cabbage isn’t as bad either?  I might have to give that a go again soon too…

How often do we do this in life?  Go by previous experience and think that the one experience is good enough.  I think it’s important to keep challenging ourselves – we don’t have to do it every week but just occasionally try something we didn’t like before – I know my tastes are always changing and you may be pleasantly surprised.

So going back to the start of this post – we went to the service with a preacher who in the past I’ve had major disagreements with – to the point where I would avoid him on principle, and guess what?  I really enjoyed the sermon he gave, finding he gave some good points and justified them well.  So after the service when my friend asked me what I thought of the sermon, I turned to her and said two words…

“Brussels Sprouts.”


2 thoughts on “Brussels Sprouts

  1. Wise words :o) – treating everything in terms of Brussels sprouts would have been a good New Year’s Resolution, had I read your post before 1st Jan, but I will endeavour to keep it in mind in 2011 in any case (and probably have more chance of keeping it than if I had made it an NYR)! In fact, I’ve always been a fan of Brussels sprouts, so should probably treat everything I’ve previously disliked in terms of onions, my veggie bete noir as a child, which I now love. I’m fortunate to have had a mum who wouldn’t let me get away with leaving them on the side of my plate (but who is nonetheless not at all scary!!!) :o) xx

  2. I’m glad you liked the service, Alex! I think the Brussels Sprouts analogy is helpful actually, I find sometimes in life I’m unwilling to give something a second chance because of past experiences, but actually you always should be prepared to give another chance.

    Anyway, just wanted to say, good post, I liked your thoughts 🙂

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