That Is The Week That Was


Monday started off as a nice slightly more relaxed day.  I was still up in Colchester with the Phil(l)s so got up and had some breakfast with Mrs Phil, before having a cup of coffee and chilling reading a magazine for a bit allowing the trains to get out of their peak times.  I had a gentle walk through the Castle Park up to the station which I think I managed to go in quite a good time so was quite happy with that and then had a good journey back down and through Stratford getting home about half 12-1ish.  I copied over the photos I’d taken over the weekend – of which there were a fair few… Some of which I didn’t even remember taking – but I think that this is mainly due to swopping cameras a bit with Mr Phill and just generally letting people have a play on mine…  I got the Project 365 photos for the weekend sorted out and uploaded to Flickr, before getting started on the other photos trying to pick out the better ones for uploading.  I didn’t get through many of these though as I had to head out again.  I popped down to Morrison’s as the car needed feeding and then drove round to Michaels house where his Dad had my gym bag for me (as I’d gone straight to Colchester from the Gym on Saturday, Michael had kindly agreed to look after this for me).  Gym bag back in hand I headed up to the gym and had a good workout – I pushed myself a bit more this time taking the fastest speed on the treadmill to 3 minutes instead of 2, though skipped off the swim because I was running a bit late (and I’d forgotten my trunks!).  I headed back home, sorted out the rest of the photos and then drove over to the cinema to see The Green Hornet.  I wasn’t too impressed by the film as you can probably tell if you’ve read the thoughts here.  After the film I had a wander by the cinema to try and capture some of the gorgeous river views with the lights reflecting on the river before heading home, watching the latest episode of Fringe (which was a very simple concept but a rather gripping episode with a lovely little twist in the middle) before heading up to bed.


Tuesday saw me heading back to work – fortunately on a late shift so I was still able to have a bit of a sleep in the morning.  It was a good journey back into work and I was able to get back into the normal flow quite quickly – it helped that I didn’t have many emails to work through and that all the calls in my queue were roughly for the same kind of problems certainly makes life a bit easier!  I had a nice lunch out with Chris and John – we decided as it was pay day to push the boat out a bit and went for a sneaky Chinese – going to need a couple of gym trips to work that off but it was certainly tasty!  Then it was back to the office for the long haul that is the late shift – in fairness time did seem to fly by quite quickly – one of the advantages of being busy and before I knew it, it was 4 and everyone was going home.  Still the last hour and half had a few bits to keep us going.  Then when the office closed I moved the car and headed back into town to meet up with Keith and Ben for dinner.  As usual we met up in the local Wetherspoons – though what made this a bit different is that as it was Burns night they were offering Scottish Ales, Haggis and Talisker Whiskey.  Unfortunately I was driving so had to leave the Whiskey aside, but had a lovely couple of pints of Haggis Hunter and a very nice portion of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties.  The others weren’t so brave (to be fair I’ve had Haggis before, I know what goes into it, and I do like the taste), though Ben did give it a go – it’s given me the inspiration to try and hold a proper Burns night next year so I guess there’ll be more on that closer to the time!  After dinner I stuck around chatting a bit before heading home to sort out the Project 365 photo for the day.  I was really chuffed with how one of these came out – unfortunately I had been meaning to do a Burns night photo which wasn’t so good as the one I took when mucking around.  Still I think the photo with the coins is possibly one of the best ones I’ve taken so that became the days photo and a good one too I hope.  Photos sorted it was off to bed for me.


Wednesday was another busy day at work – we’ve had a couple of big problems which are slowly working through the user base giving us a lot to sort out whilst at the same time taking a while to deal with.  Still I suppose it’s not too bad as it keeps us busy which means that it’s hard for us to get too bored.  I had a nice lunch with Chris, John and Shaun (whose finally re-surfaced after having an even busier couple of weeks due to a contractor coming in and working with his team so we’ve not seen much of him).  We didn’t do much really just walked down to Tesco, grabbed some food and then headed back to the office.  After work had finished I headed home and watched the first episode of the new series of Being Human.  This was  a bit of a strange one but seems to be setting up some interesting arcs with some strange new characters being introduced at the same time.  I’m not fully sure where their planning to go on this season so it will be interesting to see how it develops and moves forward (especially after the cliff-hanger ending of last season not really being touched upon so far).  Unfortunately I was so into Being Human that I somewhat lost track of time and only realised I was supposed to be going to the gym for 6 at ten past.  This lead to a mad rush as I got myself ready as Michael had arrived and was ready to go – still we managed to get there for 20 past which wasn’t too bad considering.  It was a good workout but also a hard one – I was really feeling it by the end of the session and had to give up on my swim half-way through – part of the problem was I was tired, and part of the problem were another couple of people in the pool who were rather energetic with their swimming causing many large splashes and waves which just made it all the more harder to get around it got to the point where it was such a struggle it seemed sensibler to stop at the half-way point rather than struggling through further.  After showering down, we called in at Asda for a quick re-supply (something I really needed because my shelves were practically empty) and then headed back to mine.  I unpacked the shopping and then headed pretty much immediately to bed.


Thursday was another busy day at work – as previously noted we have two major problems going on at work which both required some quite major reinstalls to resolve. This means that our call queues are rocketing up and we’re all having to try and manage as many calls as we possibly can in a short period – still I suppose it makes life a bit more interesting.  After work I was supposed to head out again and hit the gym, but in all honesty after the night before I really didn’t feel it would be a good idea so I gave myself a night off.  Instead of going to the gym I watched a bit of TV and played a bit more of Half-Minute Hero.  That was literally how exiting my evening was so nothing much else to comment on.


Friday was slightly more chilled in the office.  There were still a large number of reinstalls to be sorted out which kept us busy throughout the day which helped keep us more than busy and our queue hasn’t been this full of items in absolutely ages.  Still I suppose it’s better than sitting around getting bored and whilst watching installs progress I was able to learn how to make an origami crane which I suppose may come in useful one day!  I still found myself leaving a lot later than I had originally planned too, leaving me to race home, get changed and grab a quick small dinner before heading out again to Michaels who was having a party to celebrate the successful conclusion of his NQT (newly qualified teacher) year – quite scarily this means that he’s now a teacher!  Despite leaving what felt very late to me I managed to be the first person to arrive so helped get everything sorted out in preparation and played with Eli (the dog) for a bit to help calm him down for when everyone else started arriving.  Eventually people started to arrive and it was nice to catch up with some of the people I’d met from Michael’s work again as unsurprisingly we don’t see too much of each other given the different industries in which we work.  It was a very nice chilled evening where everyone seemed to get along just fine – I had a lovely chat with Michael’s neighbours Daughter, Faith about Doctor Who – must say it’s nice to meet someone on an intellectual level on this subject…  Most the evening was spent sitting around and talking to the wee hours – eventually changing houses to Sarahs (Michael’s neighbour) so that Faith could go to bed where we continued to have a fun time – experiencing the Spinny chair and drinking home made Woo Woos (made with Schler not cranberry juice) but all good fun.  Eventually come 3:30 it was time to head home so after heading back across the street with Michael I walked home to mine listening to a podcast eventually getting in about 4…  Been a while since I’ve done that I can tell you – so naturally straight to bed!


A large part of Saturday was spent in recovery of the night/morning before – not that I really had a hangover, I was just more feeling coldy and exhausted.  Still I had a good long lie in and then a nice filling lunch.  Most the afternoon was then spent chilling on the sofa catching up with some TV bits like Lie To Me, though I also had a bit of time playing Final Fantasy X – a fantastic game which I’ve only just got round to re-visiting which I should’ve done ages ago.  In the evening I met up with Michael and we went over to the cinema to see the new Disney film Tangled – I really enjoyed this and aim to get some more thoughts on this up soon – just need to find the time to get them written up (not sure if it’s obvious but have been rather busy of late hence some posts going up later than they should be).  After the film we grabbed a bit to eat and headed back, going via Michaels so I could grab my car which I’d left there the night before.  I then headed home, watched a bit more TV and then headed up to bed.


Sunday was another lazy day – the problem I have is that when I have a cold I really don’t sleep well, so end up feeling more exhausted despite going for longer sleeps.    Still I woke up and had another lazy day – played a bit more Final Fantasy 10, watched some episodes of Caprica I’ve had in waiting as well as the latest Fringe (which was rather strange this week – I’m not sure if I like it or not).  In the evening my sister invited me over for dinner and film so we made some cheese and toast together and then watched Stranger Than Fiction (once again thoughts will appear here eventually) and then I headed home.  Once back I chilled for a bit longer whilst sorting out the bins and the usual Sunday chores, before heading upstairs and to bed in the effort to get an early night and a good nights sleep.

And that is the week that was (sorry it’s so late…).


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