That Is The Week That Was

Sorry this is late – as you’ll see it’s been a busy week with lots going on.  Just not enough time to write it all up!


Ah, Monday the start of a new week.  To be honest apart from a bit of a late start in the morning it wasn’t that much of a bad day.  On arriving at work it was fairly quiet to begin with but on for about 10-15 minutes before everything picked up and it was really busy through the rest of the day.  As previously commented we’re currently having to work through a large number of reinstallations I managed to get a fair few of these cleared out of the queue which is always a good thing.  Come lunchtime  I had a quick wander into town with Shaun, John and Chris before heading back to the office for a bit of Chicken, Lemon and Tarragon soup which is very tasty.  I then had a small play through a couple of levels of Half-Minute Hero as that game is just too darn hard to put down!  This then lead to another busy afternoon getting more reinstalls completed before racing home because my old sofa was due to be picked up that evening at some point between 5 and 9.  I got in, got changed, and then wrapped up the sofa cushions in some bin liners so hopefully they should be in good condition when they arrive in Norwich on Saturday.  I then sat down to wait for the guy to come and pick up the sofa from the garage and watched the Never Mind The Buzzcocks clip show whilst I waited.  Just after this had finished the man with the van turned up, we got the sofa, chair and cushions loaded up and he headed on his way (apparently he was going to be going practically up to Cromer that night so had a bit of a drive ahead of him).  I then came in and made some dinner whilst watching the latest episode of Top Gear – which was absolutely fantastically funny – especially nice to see a return of the double-decker racing, and Hammonds face in the van drag race was a picture.  This was followed by the latest Being Human and the final episode of Caprica.  It’s a shame that this series has been so middling – it’s got hints at some really good stuff that could’ve been interesting if the show had been able to progress beyond it’s first series.  Still it showed some interesting ideas and different developments that will supposedly fit into the existing timeline.  After this I took the days photo (had almost forgotten about that!) and headed up to bed.


Tuesday was another really hectic day at work – for some reason its all been really busy this week which has been keeping all of us on our toes.  We’ve been having to help out with a large number of calls just from the sheer volume that the desk has been phoned with meaning that our own personal queues are also getting a bit harder to manage as we are losing time that we could be working on those and the main queues are getting bigger because we’re not having the time to pick up new calls from there.  It’s a bit of a vicious cycle really and hopefully everything will calm down and we’ll be able to get back to a more manageable state shortly though for the moment things aren’t that fun.  Still when I managed to get out the office for lunch I managed to have a nice wander into town with Shaun – we didn’t really go far really, just calling into the local Tesco for some rolls before heading back to the office for some soup that was waiting.  WE had a nice chat as we wandered around I managed to persuade Shaun to come and see Tangled with me – more on that later.  After another manic afternoon at work I headed home and had a bit of a lucky one here – there was a lorry broken down on the lanes I drive through to get to work, which would normally lead to huge traffic jams.  Fortunately I was leaving early enough for this to only be a minor issue, so I got home, got changed and headed for the cinema where I sat in the car to eat the sandwich id brought earlier and waited, and waited and waited for Shaun to turn up.  The time the film was due to start came and went and eventually Shaun arrived having been delayed in traffic.  We then had to go and queue inside the cinema where they only had one person manning the tills (with a rather large queue) before we were finally able to get inside and catch the last trailer before the main feature started.  Can I just say that Tangled was just as good if not better than the first time I saw it.  I must admit that I really really got into the film and want to go and see it again now… Hopefully will find the excuse!  After that I headed home and headed to bed (after playing a bit of Half-Minute Hero).


Wednesday lead to another busy day in the office – its annoying as it means that tensions are running high and everyone is feeling just that bit more stressed.  Still I managed to have some fun with memory sticks in the afternoon testing some approaches for securely clearing data from a stick, to the point where it can’t be recovered with some quite surprising results in what was still recoverable.  We found that by clearing files through Windows explorer everything could then be pulled back after the memory stick was supposedly wiped, and then looked into different methods at preventing this using a couple of pieces of software.  There’ll be more on this later as I intend to write a proper article on what I found but there’s a couple more experiments that I want to run, and that’s going to require a bit more time to do so hopefully when things have quietened down for a bit.  After work I got home and collapsed on the sofa for a bit thinking that I needed to go to the gym but that I really didn’t want too.  I ended up dragging myself there and having quite a good workout though I think I cut it pretty close to the closing time and had to drop the swim.  I also found that I really ached afterwards but at least I slept well that night.  After the gym I had a quick trip round Asda to stock up on some supplies and then headed home where I slumped on the sofa to eat a quick sandwich for dinner and then headed up to bed.  All in all not a very exciting day.


Thursday was another busy day in the office.  I’d been asked to help over the install duty as well so was balancing this along with all the other jobs I had in my queue to do.  Fortunately installs isn’t that busy at the moment so I was able to get on with a couple of other jobs and continue to make a dent on the other calls I have in my queue.  Still it was Chinese New Year so we decided to celebrate it a bit going out for a nice Chinese lunch in town, though annoyingly they didn’t give us any fortune cookies.  Back in the office we had another busy afternoon and then I headed home and tried to create a fake fortune cookie centre using a bit of plain paper – I think this came out ok, so then grabbed some dinner and sat down watching some TV whilst eating.  I then headed out to the gym with Michael having a better workout than the one I’d had the previous night – even managing to get a full swim in, though this did leave me really aching (just thinking about it makes me ache).  Still if it doesn’t kill me it can only make me strong right?  At least that’s the theory… After the swim Michael suggested we headed to the local Chinese to see if we could get some Fortune Cookies and having got some Prawn Crackers and Prawn toast they kindly gave us a couple of fortune cookies meaning that the Project 365 photo for the day (you can see it here) was taken with the real deal in the end rather than my attempts at making a look-a-like (the message in side was no good though which was a bit disappointing).  Fortune cookie successfully obtained I headed back home and a quick chat with my mum – it turns out that my brother is going on tour this summer with Katy B and Tinie Tempah – it sounds good though I’m not fully sure what I make of the music choices I think he’ll enjoy himself…. After this I played a bit more Half Minute Her o – I’ve managed to get to the final game mode now where you have three seconds to raise enough funds to put back the clock so you can train up enough to beat the evil lord.  It does seem to need to be played by a pattern of twitches and I fear is going to give my reflexes and run for their money but still is good fun.  Eventually I dragged myself away and headed to bed.


Friday was another really busy day in the office – we’re dealing with a large number of calls which means that it’s quite hard to keep on top of everything.  It really didn’t help in the morning I was asked to cover a couple of hours of a Duty shift in the morning – though this extended to covering the whole morning meaning that all the calls I’d picked up to action had to be picked up in the afternoon instead.  Unfortunately for me First line also had their team meeting on Friday afternoon so we were covering the phones for them as well leading to a manic afternoon of trying to cover phones and action all the relevant  calls within 2 hours…  It felt like a bit of an impossible task to start with but as time went by I managed to get it all done and finished the afternoon feeling a lot calmer than when I had started having got to the top of the heap and getting everything a lot more organised.  I then headed home to basically get changed and head out again as I was due to meet my friend Claire at the cinema to go and see the film Black Swan.  This was a rather strange experience – I’m still not quite sure about what I thought of the film, but when I have a better idea I’m sure a review will appear on here! (and when I get a bit of spare time to actually write the thing!).  After the cinema we drove down to Strood Station as Heather was coming down for the weekend and it meaning she needed to be picked up but unfortunately she just missed the station so we headed to the next station down the line – Rochester and picked her up from there.  We then headed back to the cinema complex to get some dinner at the Exchange Bar (whilst catching glimpses of England beating Wales at the start of the Six Nations) before heading our separate ways.  I headed back to my house with Heather where I introduced her to a bit of Look Around You (a fantastic comedy TV Series) and we had a catch up and pray together before heading upstairs off to bed (I feel I should note separate beds.  Don’t want people getting the wrong end of the stick).


Saturday was quite a gloomy day weather-wise.  I managed to get up nice and early for a Saturday and headed off to the gym for a morning workout whilst Heather did some work.  This was a good session but was very strange when it finished as I came out feeling relaxed and tense at the same time.  Still I was glad I managed to get up there and grabbed some bacon for sarnies on the way home.  I got in to discover my sister on the phone asking for some help with her laptop and getting some car insurance as she’s just got a new car so she popped over and we got her sorted out (the laptop required a single button press much to my amusement) and then after brunch Heather did a bit more work whilst I sorted out a couple of photos.  Shaun called round for a cup of tea, and after this we headed out to the cinema to go and see Tangled (I know – third time in about a week – but it’s a really good film!) before heading into Maidstone to go and get some food.  We went to a restaurant called Wildwood which I’ve never been to before but was really nice – certainly going to be going back again it had a good range of Italian foods all of which seemed to be prepared really nicely (and they also had some of the best chips I’ve tasted).  After dinner we headed back to mine and watched a bit of League of Gentlemen, and the first series of Miranda, before heading to our respective beds.


Sunday was another chilled and relaxing day.  In the morning we got up, grabbed some breakfast and then headed down to the Cathedral for the service there – this was a really nice service with a good sermon.  Following this we headed into town and had a quick wander around the Guildhall museum – this is a free museum going over the history of the local area, and while we were only able to do the first of two buildings it was still interesting wandering around – they’ve used mirrors and other effects fantastically well at certain places – such as giving a representation of the one of the prison hulks (mentioned in Great Expectations!) that would be floating on the river.  The reason we had to leave early was to get up to my parents for dinner – my sister had made one of her Turkey and Cranberry rings and we’d been invited over.  We went and enjoyed this dinner and Heather got some careers advice, before heading back to mine and I read a magazine (I got a free Empire Subscription with my Gym membership) whilst Heather did some work, I then knocked up some dinner and we headed back to the station so that Heather could get home.  After seeing her off I headed home, sorted out the rubbish and had a bit of a chat with Dan and Tom before heading to bed.

And that is the week that was.

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